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Tips & Tricks for Speeding Up WordPress Like a Pro

There are many factors involved in a super-fast WordPress website. Here are the top factors that will definitely decrease your overall page load times and help gain a few slots in your search engine results rankings. Here is a summary of just the first 5 speed elements covered:

  1. Pick a Solid Host – Shared webhosting can be fine to being with, but as your website grows and hopefully, your popularity, you’ll definitely want a host that is optimized for WordPress and dedicated to just your website.
  2. Theme Choice – Many WordPress themes (or templates) are not designed well and can slow your load times way down.  Find a theme designed for speed and efficiency.
  3. Optimize Your Graphics – One of the biggest mistakes newbies and some professionals make are using huge high-definition graphics that are way too large and not compressed.  Compressed graphics can make one of the largest impacts on page speed right out of the gate.  Get your graphics under control right away.
  4. CDN – Again, for the advanced websites getting a decent amount of traffic, you’ll need to step up to a Content Delivery Network to help connection speed and optimize inbound traffic.
  5. Homepage Optimization – Obviously, your homepage is what is loaded first.  So, for speed, keeping your homepage light and efficient is very important.  Other pages that are linked from your homepage can be a wee bit slower, but this page needs to load clean and fast.

There are a dozen more speed factors covered within the WordPress Speed infographic brought to you by PureResiduals.com and several tested and recommended settings, plug-ins and advice for enabling your page load speeds to rocket forward.


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