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Top Six Myths About Affiliate Marketing You Should Know

There are a lot of myths out there surrounding affiliate marketing, and these can more often than not cause an hopeful entrepreneur into passing on this kind of marketing technique. It is important for anyone thinking about affiliate marketing as a business endeavor to understand why some of these myths are false.

Below are the most common affiliate marketing myths as well as reasons why these myths might exist.

  1. It’s Difficult To Get Into Affiliate Marketing

One of the myths surrounding this marketing technique are the so called gurus and get-rich-quick programs that suggest affiliate marketing can be done fast and with little effort. Most of them suggesting that you can simply set up a website and forget it while your barrels of money roll in.

We have all heard the same old dog and pony show regarding the so called “easy money making” act of “blogging for dollars.”  You know those ads that start out “You Too Can Make Money at Your Kitchen Table in Your Underwear!” complete with the obviously fake proof of earnings.  If you can see past all the smoke screen and bright lights the earning potential is in fact real and yes, obtainable. Affiliate marketing isn’t hard, but it does require some knowledge and a persistent effort to meet your goals.

Let me be perfectly clear though money or financial gain doesn’t come easy.  There are no magical loop holes or get rich quick tips.  It all takes time, determination, and yes … that nasty word: work! So if you have come here looking for some pixie dust, you will be sorely let down.  However, if you stick around I’m positive that with an open mind you will find the following to be informative and even possibly uplifting.

  1.  Affiliate Websites Don’t Require A Lot of Upkeep

Although it’s completely feasible for anyone to create a website, it isn’t as easy as setting up a website, putting some affiliate links on the site, and then letting it sit. Google doesn’t take to kindly to that sort of behavior, which means they could very well penalize your site.  

You will need to continually update your quality content and make changes to your website to improve it in order to be successful.

  1.  Consumers Don’t Like Affiliate Marketing

HUGE myth!  Affiliate marketing is based on the premise that consumers often desire more information on the product that they are interested in, other than simply what is listed or written on the advertiser’s site.

Although it’s important to keep in mind that consumers tend to shop around and gather information before letting go of their cash. This of course leads them directly to your site for your knowledge and recommendations.

  1.  You Should Promote As Many Different Affiliate Programs As Possible

Just as previously stated, affiliate marketing is much more then filling your website up with a ton of affiliate links and then forgetting it.  Don’t get greedy and throw up a bunch of affiliate links on every single page of your website. Too many money links equals desperation. Most affiliate marketers are more successful by choosing a single or a few closely related offers to promote.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Is Dying

The “demise of affiliate marketing” meme was so widely believed because Google has changed the way they rank websites. It no longer matters to Google how many backlinks your site has. This makes it way more difficult to rank with just links. This of course makes it hard to rank with links alone, which is a classic affiliate marketer tactic. But times change. There are methods and techniques that don’t work the same way now as they worked back in the “good old days”.

This is evolution. It happens in every industry around us.

Learn to open your mind to new and more inventive ways to rank your site, acquire leads, and convert sales.

  1. If your niche is too obscure then you are limiting your viewer base and thus your commissions.  

The same goes with your choice in affiliate programs.  Shop around, just like the consumer you are, and find the right products and commission rates that suit you and your unique situation. 

The Key

The key to any new venture is to give it all you’ve got!  Immerse yourself in the project, and hang in there even when you feel like you want to throw in the towel and give up.

Have you had any pitfalls in your affiliate marketing ventures? We would love to hear all about your ups and downs in the comments below.



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