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Apple Fires Warning Shot at Snapchat

Apple gave a nice but rather loud shout-out to Snapchat at it’s iPhone launch event this last Thursday.

The iPhone creator is getting deeper into the field of AR (Augmented Reality) which could easily turn iMessage into more of a Snapchat competitor.

The event was not only a showcase of the newest iPhone, but it gave the company a chance to show off some of their other toys that are in the works as well including “Animoji.” Animojis are animated emoji that mirror your facial expressions.  This would superimpose your frown, snarl, grimace, or grin onto any number of cartoon characters.

The down and dirty of it is that with all the newest upgrades to Apple’s iMessage platform on the new iPhone X, Snapchat might be in even more hot water than it already seems to be.




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