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10 Most Common Mistakes Newbies Make In Internet Marketing

We have all been there, living on the high of the most recent seminar that we attended or the newest top-selling self improvement book that we read.   We throw caution to the wind and just jump.  Of course that jump might not have been a gigantic leap but none the less it was at the very least a hobble towards making it as an internet marketer.   The problem is most of us, like any newbie, made some rather big mistakes when we were just getting started.


Let’s take a peak at just the top ten:

  1. Information Overload  When first starting out, if you aren’t careful, the vast amount of information can be come overwhelming and a bit daunting.   Take each piece of information in one piece at a time.  Set a goal for yourself to read or listen to something new x times a week, and keep the goal.  If the cloud of information seemingly becomes to much to handle, then take a break, step back, and reset your brain.
  2. Unrealistic Results  Can you make money at internet marketing? Heck yes!  But will this income just drop in your lap overnight  like that big fake check from Ed McMahon? Heck NO! Just like the majority of life, it’s going to take time, diligence, and yes.. that nasty word: Work.  Not to fret though, you too can have that shiny new sports car just like your favorite Guru.
  3. Procrastination  This comes back to setting clear and concise goals for yourself.   Mark down on your schedule short and long term goals along with how  you intend to keep them.
  4. Did Not Get Own Domain No, they aren’t free, but they are incredibly cheap!  You can secure your own domain for as little as $7.99 per year and obtain minimal hosting for the same price per month.   Sure, you could sign up for a free Blogger or WordPress site, but you will be giving up ranking, control, and possible long-term income if you do.
  5. Did Not Become Product Creator  While Affililiate Marketing is ideally the best place for a newbie to start, learn the ropes, and make their first few bucks.  It’s not necessarily a long term solution to a steady income.  Once you get in there and figure out what you are doing, the product creation is simply the next phase to follow.
  6. Did Not Focus On List Building   These words can often be heard coming out of my mouth when explaining my business to someone outside of the industry: “A internet marketers list is pretty much gold!”   Thank of it has having several people sitting in your living room everyday just waiting to be marketed to.   If you build your list carefully, your subscribers will not only trust you, but value your opinion.  This of course equates to money in the bank for you.
  7. Send Untarget Traffic   Would you try and sell garlic to a vampire?  No, of course not.  Then why should you try and harness untargeted traffic to purchase something they are simply not interested in? Qualify your buyers and watch those sales numbers fly off the charts.
  8. Treating It As A Hobby Instead of A Business  Commit yourself to your cause.  This too comes back to setting clear and concise goals for yourself.   If you truly wish to make it in the in
  9. ternet marketing realm, you need to start looking at it as a doable choice not just an option.
  10. Try To Work Alone  Shyness simply doesn’t work in this business.   Reach out to others on forums, blogs, and even at those fancy seminars you attend.   Network!
  11. No Mentor  For goodness sake, ask for help!  This is much like driving around a city that you have never been to, becoming lost, and refusing to ask for directions.  That’s just silly.  A qualified mentor will help you avoid these and many more newbie pitfalls before they even happen.

What kinds of mistakes did you make when you were starting out? Have you learned anything from them? We would love to hear all about it in the comments below.




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