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Offervault – What You Should Know About Casino Affiliate Programs

Online casinos use all kinds of affiliate programs to promote their services across the world. Experts have reviewed these programs and used specialized systems to rank them. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, you can join affiliate programs and benefit in different ways.  

Understanding Affiliate Programs

In simple terms, affiliate programs refer to the affiliate marketing programs used by casinos to create brand awareness. Many online casinos have succeeded because of their effective use of affiliate programs that attract a lot of traffic. Affiliate marketing allows businesses to market their brands using performance-based techniques. This means affiliates are rewarded based on the number of customers or visitors they bring using their own marketing strategies. Most online casinos use this marketing strategy and some of them have succeeded while others have failed.

Some affiliates consider the casino’s estimated revenue when choosing a casino, but most affiliates consider the casino’s history when in order to choose trustworthy casinos. Affiliates want to work with establishments they can trust because their work is to mediate between the casino and discontented players.

Payment Models

Private advertisers bring traffic to a casino’s website using their own marketing strategies and earn commissions in return. Revenue share is the most common payment arrangement, but some casinos use the cost per acquisition model. Basically, the amount earned by an affiliate depends on the affiliate’s performance. In other words, the commission earned is based on profits or net revenue. The net revenue excludes things like sham transactions and promotional expenses from all or gross earnings.  

Some casinos use the negative carryover policy, which means a negative balance is carried over from one month to the other until it zeroes out. With this in mind, casino affiliates should look for affiliate programs that don’t use this policy. The best affiliate programs allow you to start each new month with no negative balances.

Bundling is another significant challenge experienced when affiliate programs represent several brands because all the earning and players and put together. For this reason, it’s advisable to avoid casino affiliate programs that use a bundling policy.

Casino Bonuses

Besides your affiliate marketing deal, some casinos allow you to earn lucrative bonuses. As an affiliate, you have to bring more players to the casino to take advantage of these bonuses. You will earn higher bonuses if you send more depositing players to the casino.  A great source for casino bonuses are CasinoGuide.nz as the list and review most offers available online. The bonus amount will depend on the casino, so you should contact the affiliate manager to learn more about your personal bonus plan. Also, your bonus amount will depend on your efforts, so it’s up to you.


Sales, leads, and clicks determine the amount paid to affiliates in the form of commissions, but affiliates can earn by referring other affiliates to the casino’s website. This is known as sub-affiliation.

Do you want to become a casino affiliate? Well, you can find the best partner by searching for affiliate programs on the internet. Different sites use sophisticated algorithms to list affiliate programs and help you find a suitable affiliate program.

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