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CrakRevenue – Worldwide Leader in Traffic Monetization

Though there are many affiliate programs out there, CrakRevenue affiliate network deserves the title of Kings of Adult, Dating and Cams. With an extensive list of premium adult offers you won’t find anywhere else, high converting landing pages and an advertising network that generates sales in over 200 countries each day, this is the best CPA program for new webmasters trying to get their foot in the door.

CrakRevenue is known around the world for its innovative marketing strategies and for providing webmasters with the best ad tools and detailed statistics the industry has to offer. Their staff is experienced and knowledgeable, including a highly efficient support team that is always available. But, when all is said and done, it’s CrakRevenue’s Top Offers that make it stand head and shoulders above the competition.

CrakRevenue affiliates receive access to a wide variety of programs to promote under one single platform, including Cams, Dating, Adult Paysites, Cryptocurrencies, VOD, Gaming, Surveys and Health Products, as well as many other moneymaking opportunities. Forget about signing up to multiple affiliate programs to find what you need. Those days are long gone. CrakRevenue has the coolest products all under one roof and the best ROI in affiliate marketing. 

About CrakRevenue

Located in downtown Quebec City, the CPA platform CrakRevenue was created in 2010 and has since steadily grown into an industry leader, increasing its workforce from 11 full-time employees to more than 100 in the first 4 years alone. Their staff are one of the world’s most experienced in terms of traffic monetization, composed of skilled web marketers and creative experts from all over the globe. When you work with CrakRevenue, you’re working with an internationally diversified team of professionals who are passionate about their jobs.

The Best Offers in Online Marketing

By joining CrakRevenue, webmasters get access to over one thousand highly optimized affiliate offers spanning across several industries. Renowned around the world as the undisputed masters of the best Dating and Cams affiliate programs, these fields are where you’ll find their most lucrative deals. If you’re just starting out as an affiliate and looking for a guaranteed way to earn a steady stream of revenue with either mainstream or adult traffic, select one of CrakRevenue’s 700+ offers and your income will grow from month to month.

The Online Dating industry provides dating affiliate offers for both new and experienced webmasters alike. No matter what type of traffic you possess, this is an incredibly profitable market due to its high demand and popularity, generating a total of $2 billion per year in revenue. Give CrakRevenue’s products a shot and earn a slice of that pie yourself. Simply place their deals on your websites, let your visitors convert to sales and watch the money pour in.

The offers don’t end there. CrakRevenue has plenty of other products that may spark your interest. Check out their deals for:

‣ Nutrition,
‣ Gaming
‣ Nutra Supplements
‣ Crypto
‣ Surveys
‣ Gambling.

Affiliates can sleep easy knowing every offer is methodically tested and optimized by CrakRevenue’s team of professionals.

Why Choose CrakRevenue Affiliate Program?

The name CrakRevenue is synonymous with excellence in the adult/dating niche. Not only do they have 10 years of experience and 20 industry awards to their name, they’ve paid over $250M in affiliate commissions since setting up shop. Those are serious, respectful numbers, enough for anyone in web marketing to take notice.

Here are a few characteristics that make CrakRevenue a unique company in the world of traffic monetization:

Acute Business Intelligence

CrakRevenue has perfected the process of gathering and analyzing data down to a science. Their vast experience and knowledge allows them to evaluate 2 terabytes of information every year, create charts and extract trends to the benefit of their many affiliates.

The Best Creatives

CrakRevenue’s Design team does it all: take and edits pictures, prepare images and infographics, create gifs, trailers and videos, and of course, design some of the most profitable landing pages and ad tools you’ll ever see online.

Web Development Expertise

CrakRevenue boasts a dedicated team of IT professionals that handles everything from software programming to researching and developing new web technologies, as well as managing one of the largest databases in the industry.

Effective Email Marketing

Mass Mailing (Email Marketing) is one of the most important practices in affiliate marketing. The CrakRevenue virtual mailman prepares fresh newsletters and mailing lists that reach millions of people each week, and they are constantly working to improve email efficiency.

Boost Your Sales

The CrakRevenue sales team is in constant communication with its affiliates to inform them about new offers, show them how to optimize traffic and achieve higher goals. Whether experienced or novice, everyone gets the VIP treatment.

SEO Gurus

CrakRevenue wants you to reach top page placement and earn more money. Their team of SEO experts are always busy developing social media traffic, researching advanced keywords, analyzing traffic and building strategies to help affiliates obtain a larger volume of organic traffic. 

CrakRevenue Dashboard

The CrakRevenue interface was created to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. As you can see in the image above, everything you need is in the left-hand panel. From there you can:

‣ Check Stats
‣ Select Offers
‣ Create Smartlinks
‣ Generate Ads
‣ Request Payments

Affiliate Payments

CrakRevenue affiliates are well rewarded for their efforts with excellent payment terms. They can choose to receive their money via 4 different options:

‣ Bank Wire
‣ Check
‣ Paxum
‣ Paypal (for US and Canadian accounts)

Payments are issued during two payment periods each month: from 1st – 15th and from 16th – last day of the month. The minimum payout is $100, unless you decide to receive a Bank Wire, then the minimum is $500. [3] [JF4]

CrakRevenue offers 3 types of payment plans:

‣ Net 7
‣ Net 15
‣ Net 30

Once you’ve reached your minimum payout, you will be paid either 7, 15 or 30 days after the end of the payment period. Payments are issued on the 15th and on the last day of the month, except on the Net 7 plan, where payments are sent out on the 7th and 22nd of each month.


If you have traffic suitable for adult, dating or cams, no other company can provide you with as many benefits as CrakRevenue. As one the most trustworthy CPA networks and the leader in these niches, they’ll give you everything you need (tools, knowledge and offers) to achieve success. Become an affiliate and witness firsthand how CrakRevenue continues to grow and expand into new areas and technologies, leading the way for the marketing industry to follow.

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