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How does a Programmatic Buying Platform work?

To catch users attention is getting more and more difficult. We have banner blindness, adblocking software and many others things that contribute to this problem. As advertising is changing and growing, a new trend has developed to solve such problems – Programmatic Advertising.

One of its best features is to gain users through various channels, and at the most suitable time.

Programmatic has machine learning in its foundation, so that the process is automated and more effective. Al channels, including mobile devices, desktop computers and even TVs in some cases, are successfully covered.

Main Benefit for Advertisers:

Obviously, no one wants to pay for ads that will bring no results, or what’s even worse, when the material is shown to the wrong people. Programmatic is here again to help overcome this problem. Let’s see how it works.

How It Works:

 – Let’s imagine you want to sell more figure skates.
 – You’ll need to find a programmatic platform and launch your campaign with the following criteria:
 – Gender and Age: Men/Women 12 – 35 years old
 – Geography: Ten minutes to ice-skating places
 – Hobbies and Interests: Winter sports, outdoor activities, ice-skating, figure-skating
 – Preferable Time of Displaying: 7 PM – 12 AM
– Weather and Season: Winter, Snow
– Devices: Desktop and Mobile

The advertising platform offers your ads to relevant websites and audiences according to the points you have mentioned. As you might be not alone in this process, which ad will be displayed is resolved through an auction. The process is in real-time and extremely quick. It takes just a few seconds.

Why Choose Programmatic?

This method is becoming more and more popular. However, there are those who are very skeptical about it. But just one platform makes it possible to make ads highly personalized and, as a result, to release marketers and advertisers from fear of whether everything was correct and if the ad was shown to the right audience.

People don’t like being disturbed by ads, so you can reach them at a convenient time for them when they are ready to digest your offer. Thus, you get less irritation and more interest to your product.

Bottom line

Several decades ago, our parents used to dream about robots serving all our needs. Programmatic in some sense can be viewed as this future, which has already arrived. Thus, it would be unwise to miss out and skip its opportunities.

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