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The 6 Most Effective Types of Online Advertising

The advertising market is a living organism that’s different at each stage of development and age. Let’s not forget, it wasn’t too long ago when Windows 7 was extremely popular, but the ads are much different now compared to back then.

People who used to be in online advertising will remember cost-per-click ads as the most profitable, but it’s only half of the game. We’re going to reveal what other types of ads should be taken into consideration by advertisers. That being said, there’s a lot of online advertising networks that work on different pricing models, but we recommend that you try mediapulsertb.com.

Video Ads:

Videos are becoming more popular than textual analogues, probably because they can describe a product in more detail. Mobile videos are even better since mobile traffic is bigger than desktop. That being said, the formats here can be very different. One example of this could be native advertising. If we talk about apps, you might incentivize a user to watch a video ad for some reward like coins or an extra free level in a game. The most beneficial way of doing this is to combine your program with ads that are relevant to the audience to create real interest.

What makes a video ad successful?

  • A Good Story
  • Short Time (Up to 30 sec)
  • A Transparent Call To Action

Native Ads:

This type of advertising is relatively new. Native ads perfectly conform to any design, even on mobile devices. They’re calculated to be shown more often, therefore usually resulting in a higher amount of clicks.

Good native ads should:

  • Be useful
  • Be marked with the tag “Ad” or “Sponsored Content”
  • Have the opportunity to be shared

Digital Display Ads:

This is a big group where we can include banners that can be static, animated, flash, etc. Advertisers usually love these since they’re cheap, simple to create and easy to quickly adjust to any format needed. These are a good idea to use if you’re looking to improve brand awareness, inform users of a big sale and so on.

Components of Digital Ads:

  • Limelight Design
  • Text that Sells
  • A Link to the Offer


You may see these ads on mobile devices at the beginning or while loading an app. Usually, it looks like a big banner that will disappear after some time. Some advertisers try to use these in an “unskippable” way, but you may end up causing more harm than good by annoying your users and them going somewhere else.

What to keep in mind:

  • Be careful with frequency (Don’t overload your users)
  • Make sure your ad is in a good area of the app

Expandable Ads:

Not only are these the best remedy for banner blindness, but they’re also smart enough to get started after a specific user action takes place.  It could be a mouse hover, a click to a specific area, etc. These ads are very noticeable and interactive, but at the same time, they can also annoy users if not done correctly.

Tips for best performance:

  • Set reasonable measures for expansion and interaction
  • Add an option to close the ad
  • Set a time limit to your offer (Up to 10 sec)

A Few Words About Launching Campaigns:

There’s a ton of variations when it comes to serving ads, so it’s possible for an inexperienced marketer to get lost or confused. It’s best to take a programmatic approach that perfectly serves all effective types of online advertising. RTB technology was designed to make your ads as personalized as possible and thus, reach a bigger audience and get more conversions.


Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

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