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3 Free Google Resources to Help You Sharpen Your PPC Skills

3 Free Google Resources to Help You Sharpen Your PPC Skills

Between online trainings that allow you to become Google certified, Chrome extensions that help you work smarter not harder, virtual seminars with experts in the field and even 1:1 coaching sessions, Google provides a some excellent content to help novice and veteran marketing professionals alike to gain skills. And it’s all completely free!  Google’s resources are one of the best ways to stay up to date with the company’s ever-changing evolution.   These resources are high quality, easy to use, free of charge, and yet often overlooked.  Performance based PPC marketing is a fast-moving field, last month’s best practices may be outdated today.  Beginners and experts alike have to keep learning and honing their skills if they want to maintain their place at the top of their field.  

The Pay Per Call leads generation company, BrokerCalls, which operates a large network of publishers and advertisers, has provided this post to help affiliates do what they do better.  Read on to learn how to take advantage of Google Skillshop, Chrome Extensions, and Grow with Google OnAir.  There’s no need to spend money to get the most up to date marketing education.  Learn directly from the company that sets the pace and makes the rules.  These Google resources can give a huge leg up to anyone interested in growing their PPC skills and staying sharp. 


Google Skillshop

Skillshop is Google’s training platform designed to help you enhance your skills using all their tools.  When you sign up on Skillshop, you can access courses at any time and complete them on your own schedule.  The videos are clear and easy to follow and often include sample on-screen exercises for you to practice what you’ve learned.  When you finish a course, you’ll test your knowledge by taking an assessment.  When you pass, you’ll earn a certification that will be displayed in your profile.  These certifications not only enhance your skills, but by displaying them on your resume or in your email signature, they convey to others that you’re an expert in the industry.

Skillshop is an awesome resource for anyone who uses any of the following Google tools:

  • Google Ad Manager
  • Android
  • Authorized Buyers
  • Google AdMob
  • Analytics Academy
  • Google Digital Academy
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Google My Business
  • Google for Education 
  • Waze

For publishers specializing in PPC, the Google Ads certification may be the most relevant.  Becoming Google Ads certified includes certification in all the following subcategories:

  • Google Ads Display Certification

You’ll learn to deliver effective display ads to meet specific marketing objectives.

  • Google Ads Search Certification

You’ll master Google Ads Search campaigns.

  • Google Ads Measurement Certification

You’ll have confidence in your ability to measure and optimize the performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

  • Google Ads Video Certification

You will learn to get results from YouTube and Google Video advertising solutions.

  • Shopping Ads Certification

You’ll solidify your understanding of how to connect products and shoppers across their purchase journey.

  • Google Ads Apps Certification

You’ll learn how to create and optimize App campaigns to meet specific marketing objectives.


Google Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions can be a super helpful way to save time and automate some of the tedious tasks that make up your workday.  They can also help you optimize your PPC campaigns and prevent small mistakes that can have big consequences. Extensions are small software programs that allow users to tailor Chrome functionality and fill a single narrowly defined purpose that’s easy to understand.  Below are three extensions that can help you improve your PPC campaigns.

1-Google Tag Assistant

Google Tag Assistant troubleshoots installation of various Google Tags including Analytics, Adword Conversion Tracking, Google Tag Manager, and others.  It helps you verify that you’ve installed those Google tags correctly on your page.  With Google Tag Assistant installed, you can simply go to a page and immediately see which tags are present, any errors found there, and suggestions for improvements that can be made to your implementation.

2-Tag Assistant for Conversions Beta 

This brand-new extension helps validate your website implementation used to measure conversions for Google Ads. It provides a step by step process to validate individual website conversion actions for your Google Ads account.  With Tag Assistant for Conversions installed, you can follow the entire user journey by simulating a click on an ad, arriving on your website, navigating the site, and converting.  This easy to follow, step by step guidance helps you to highlight potential problems or misconfigurations and ultimately lets you know the conversion is being recorded correctly.  If it is not being recorded correctly, the step by step breakdown allows you to easily see how to fix the problem.   

3-Clever Ads Keyword Planner

Another brand-new extension Google just rolled out, Clever Ads Keyword Planner is a great tool to help you generate and choose the perfect keywords to bid for in your Google Ads strategy.  This extension scans websites to quickly analyze profitable long-tail keywords related to the vertical you’re targeting.  Simply enter the URL you want to analyze and hit scan.  You’ll get a list of keywords you can download and then directly upload to Google Ads.  Clever Ads integrates keyword ideas from more than 6 search engines all in one place.  You can also go to cleverads.com/keyword-planner to get insight such as competition level, average CPC, and search volume trend.  


Grow with Google OnAir

Grow with Google OnAir offers free virtual workshops, events, and 1:1 coaching-sessions, all designed to help you get the most out of their tools.  Upcoming live and on demand events include “Reach More Customers with Google and YouTube Ads”, “Basics of Google Ads Parts 1 & 2”, and “Use Test My Site to Optimize Your Website”.  Grow with Google OnAir is an amazing tool to help anyone in digital marketing learn helpful tips and best practices to stay up on the latest trends and tools. 


BrokerCalls wants affiliates to succeed!  We know that performance driven marketing is a rapidly changing field that rewards forward thinkers who consistently produce results.  Publishers can’t afford to stop learning and staying on top of innovations in the field.  We want to make sure you have the tools you need to do so. There are lots of resources out there, but many come at a cost and may not be from a reputable source.  With Google’s free resources you can be sure that you’re keeping up on the latest trends and updates that will have the greatest impact on your marketing efforts, and ultimately, your bottom line.

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