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How Call Tracking Can Level Up Your Affiliate Marketing: BrokerCalls

How Call Tracking Can Level Up Your Affiliate Marketing: BrokerCalls

Pay per call affiliate marketing is a marketing form that’s increasing in popularity. With roughly two-thirds of North Americans using smartphones, affiliates are hoping to increase revenue by taking advantage of mobile advertising trends. This type of affiliate marketing works when a company decides to sign up to work with a pay-per-call lead generation service such as BrokerCalls to provide phone leads. The service works with their traffic partners to generate relevant ads for advertisers. The affiliate’s subsequent ad campaign will feature tracking phone numbers so calls can be tracked and attributed to affiliate sites.


When effectively placed with publishers (affiliates), these ads are designed to generate calls from multiple channels. Publishers receive compensation for their successful ad campaigns, and the client achieves an increase in leads and, ultimately, increased sales of its products or services. It’s a win-win arrangement for all!


Know the Basic Concepts

To make the most of pay-per-call affiliate marketing, it’s helpful to understand the different terms associated with the practice. Remember that publishers are affiliates. These are digital marketers who operate organic and paid search campaigns and who agree to be part of an ad campaign to benefit another company. Each time a visitor who lands on the publisher’s website responds to an ad there by making a call, they’re counted as a lead. Publishers earn income when their site visitors become leads.


Buyers can be service providers like BrokerCalls, but they can also be direct brands.  They help clients run ad campaigns in order to generate more leads and grow their business. They pay commissions to affiliates and create networks of affiliates to serve clients from a myriad of different industries.


How Does Call Tracking Software Work?

Essentially, the notion of a call tracking system is quite basic, but advertisers like BrokerCalls provide advanced software with measurement and analytical tools to help clients gain valuable insights into their ad campaigns. For instance, each affiliate will have a different number to present to visitors. Think of this phone number as a unique identifier. When a website visitor lands on the affiliate’s ad and decides to call the number, software registers that number. This way, advertisers and clients can see where leads are coming from. If the majority of leads are coming from one or more affiliates, it makes sense to invest more in marketing on those channels.


The call tracking software features helpful resources that users can tap into to gain information about where leads are coming from, when calls are placed, locations of the calls, how long the call lasts, etc…All of this data can help advertisers and their clients alike improve their campaigns for even greater marketing success. And, of course, these tools are helpful for affiliates because they want to know what they’re earning for contributing to these campaigns.


Benefits for Publishers Working with Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software is highly useful for publishers. Many call tracking platforms feature outstanding support with training guides, tutorials, and even live technical and engineering support. When publishers work with a service provider like BrokerCalls, they gain access to the call tracking software dashboard.  Real-time analytics helps them keep track of their earnings and other insights that affect their participation in these campaigns. Publishers also receive help connecting to buyers so they can take part in these lucrative affiliate programs. Of course, there’s also the benefit of receiving payment from a neutral third-party vendor.

BrokerCalls is looking to work with vetted affiliates to build its network and attract even more clients who are interested in using pay-per-call affiliate marketing to grow their businesses. More and more international, domestic, and local businesses are turning to digital avenues to find leads. BrokerCalls helps them generate high-quality phone leads by creating powerful ad campaigns that our affiliates participate in. We facilitate this amazing partnership between our clients and affiliates so that everyone wins. We have a wide range of helpful resources and are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to our clients and affiliate partners. Get in touch to learn more!

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