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Spotlight: Magic Click Partners – Gambling Affiliate Network!

Magic Click is an affiliate network with direct affiliate offers in the gambling vertical. The company has been on the market for more than 3 years and works with traffic from all over the world. Depending on the chosen country and the model of work, rates can reach up to $280. The company focuses on building trust-based relationships and mutually beneficial cooperation: Magic Click team is ready to provide assistance at all stages of work/collaboration. In addition, the affiliate network provides access to the referral program. You can invite your friend and get 3% of his earnings.

Benefits of Magic Click

  • Direct and exclusive offers

  • Ready-made or made-to-order promotional materials

  • Get Android and PWA applications from developers

  • 3% referral program

  • Promotions and contests for affiliates

  • Redistribution of traffic on launched campaigns within mobile apps

  • API integration

Getting Started and Personal Profile

In order to start working with our affiliate, you need to register on the affiliate network website. In order to create an account you will need to specify: 

  1. E-mail

  2. Password

  3. Telegram account

  4. How you found out about Magic Click

What is in my personal Magic Click account? 

  • Home. Page with general information about affiliate results (clicks, conversions, CR, payouts), affiliate network news, recommended and top affiliate offers for promotion. Here you can find your balance and statistics of the affiliate network.

  • Offers. The section where you can look through all available offers, find out which of them show the best results at the moment, and also see the list of the offers you are already working with. You can filter them by availability (available, on demand), GEO, tag (ASO, Betting, CPL, Crypto, Facebook, Gambling, etc.) and target type (CPC, CPA, CPL, CPS, CPI).

  • Reports. Tab with statistics on your traffic. Filters according to date, flow, offerers, countries, devices, payment models and other campaign settings are available.Magic Click – affiliate network reviews and reviews.

  • Transactions. Page where you can find out all the information about conversions, clicks and postbacks of affiliates.

  • Billing. The section with a balance of affiliate. Here you can send a request to withdraw the earned money. For this purpose it is necessary to specify a payment system (USDT TRC-20, Capitalist, Bitcoin, WebMoney).

  • Tools. Tab where you can customize API and postbacks and check their status.

  • Referrals. Page with information on your referrals. Here you can see their status, date of registration and your commissions from them for the last 30 days.

Offers and Traffic Types

Magic Click offers to earn on gambling offers. At the moment, you can find 450 offers in the affiliate network, including exclusive offers. Offers are updated weekly and affiliates are notified through a mailing list: directly in Telegram and through a bot (API access). 

Offers are started through a personal manager. Connection is fast, maximum – within a day. The main payment models – this CPA and CPL. Rates can be up to $ 28 for CPL. As for CPA, you have the ability to get paid per conversion from $15 for Tier-3 countries and up to $280 for Tier-1 countries.

What kind of traffic does Magic Click accept? Almost any kind of traffic. Your main sources are:

  • Facebook*

  • PPC


  • TikTok
  • SMS

  • E-mail

  • Push

  • Native 

Only motive and ford are strictly forbidden. If you want to pour a mix, the company takes it in different streams for each source.

GEO and Magic Click Tracking 

The affiliate network accepts traffic from Brazil, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Canada, France, Italy and Finland. The company is also actively developing GEOs such as Austria, Germany, Australia, Spain and Thailand. Magic Click recommends Finland, Brazil, Capitan Cook and Yukon Gold.

How do I track statistics? The platform collects and displays complete statistics on your traffic, and allows you to integrate all popular affiliate trackers. You can postback conversions with the help of postback. It is set up in a private office, in the “Tools” section.


The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 USD. The size of payments depends on the offers, this is described in detail in the description of each of them. The minimum payout period is 7 days and the maximum is 1 month.

What payment services are available for Magic Click? You can use them to withdraw money:

  • USDT TRC-20
  • BTC
  • Capitalist 

Note that Magic Click has a referral program. Affiliates can get 3% of all affiliate payouts. How does it work? You send the registration link to your friend and you get a percentage of his referral payments. The number of referrals is unlimited.

Affiliate Support 

After registration, each affiliate gets a personal manager. He supports affiliates at all stages of work. You can find out from him the actual statistics on the affiliate offers and ask for ready-to-use or made-to-order creative and landing pages. With what manager is ready to help? You can address him on any questions: from instructions on how to get traffic to connection of offers from exclusive brands. The manager works from 10:00 to 19:00 UTC +3.

You can contact the manager and support via Telegram. Their contacts are on the account page in the lower left corner. Also, check out the help material from the Magic Click team: it contains basic information on working with the platform.

Take a look at Magic Click’s Telegram channel. It publishes information about new offers, rate increases, marketing funnel ideas and advertiser reviews on a regular basis.

Magic Click provides promo codes for Facebook* and Google accounts. In addition, the company holds a drawing with cash prizes for affiliates 3-4 times a year.



Magic Click is an international affiliate network with direct offers in the gambling vertical. Working with them, arbitrageurs can get all the tools necessary for a quick launch. Before starting cooperation, the manager will share relevant statistics, and in the process of working with him, you can ask for the necessary creatives and landing pages. If necessary, the company will provide Android and PWA apps. In addition, the Magic Click team are arbitrageurs with experience in the gambling vertical, so you can not doubt the quality of their help. 

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