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“We Are The Real RAINMAKER!”

A Message from our partners: RAINMAKER.eu

For our partners, customers, friends but also for those who don’t know us, here is our current misadventure.

Cyprus based company Rainmaker Network is a performance agency (affiliate network) and its group of companies that has been around for many years across the world. We recently had to launch a pre-litigation procedure to protect our name, domain name and our logo from the attack of an Indian competitor, Click2commission.

The beginning of the case dates back to January 2017: Click2commission created an account on Rainmaker’s platform and later met with Rainmaker’s executives at an exhibition where they praised the company’s achievements over the years.

A facade smile as Click2commission started contacting in 2022 the same clients as Rainmaker Network, clearly trying to woo them away with a rather confusing pitch under the brand name “Rainmaker”! The Indian company was gradually changing its identity.

On their website, it’s obvious: their logo and graphics are raw copies of those of the Rainmaker Network.

This may confuse those who trust our company, but it also revolts and encourages our owner and our teams to put everything in place to ensure that justice will be done.

Rainmaker has officially registered its name to prevent any “copy”, but this does not seem to deter its Indian competitor, who announced before AW Barcelona, that they will be participating in the exhibition with their “new” brand “Rainmaker”.

First victory for the real Rainmaker with a last-minute change on their competitor’s name who had to participate in AW Barcelona with their original brand and not the fake Rainmaker.

This is an ongoing case with legal actions in progress, and we hope for a favorable and legitimate resolution for our company who has been tarnished by this case that can happen to any of you.

Let’s be strong as this situation is a reminder that – “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness” – Oscar Wilde

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