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Conversion Conference West 2012 – San Francisco, March 5-6

“A breath of fresh air”…”informative & interesting” …
“Conversion Conference is a must”

  • “If you don’t want to miss the critical elements about Conversion Optimization, then this Conference is a must.” — Content writer
  • “The most I ever learned in a 2-day conference + workshop. GREAT SHOW.” —Small business internet consultant
  • “A great conference to attend for anyone in the internet marketing industry: SEO, PPC, Social, Designers, UX, Media Buyers, etc. Everyone has something to learn, some angle they haven’t explored, and they can find it at the Conversion Conference.”–SEO & PPC specialist
  • “By far the most informative & interesting of web design conferences I have attended yet!!!”–Creative director
  • After 20 years in the business, I found most conferences lacking in new information. This one is a breath of fresh air. I took something away from every talk I attended.”–UX consultant
  • “Hands down the best conference I’ve attended in a long time. Very targeted content for achieving one thing — increased online conversions. I took so many notes; there are so many ideas I can try quickly and easily…and others that will be long term. Either way, I know the information received is actionable. I can arm myself with evidence too on why those ideas are worthy of trying, and hopefully, successful for my company.”–E-Commerce Marketing Manager
  • “All of the sessions I attended — truly ALL of them — delivered solidly, with speakers consistently showing diagrams and tools that were clearly hard-won lessons.”–CEOConversion Conference West

These Companies & More Have Sent Delegates to Conversion Conference

ebay GoDaddy.com kodak Google adobe intuit
symantec RealNetworks AACCN VPI Pet Insurance ShopAtHome.com Cars.com
CareerBuilder Orbitz Kohl's CityPass autodesk Salesforce

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