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Augmented Profits – Virtually Limitless

…will  2012 be the year for Augmented Reality Marketing ?

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This interactive CD package was designed for Jive Talk’s latest album ‘123 Jump!’.[quote style=”boxed”] To enhance fans’ experience with the band, we created an online animated experience using Augmented Reality and Quick Response codes. Fold the CD case to form the stage and scan the AR code to start the band’s “live” animated performance. Watch the animated Jive Talk members perform their title track, “123 Jump!”.[/quote]

The inner booklet shows each of the four band members. Scan the QR markers, place your Smart Phone over the band members’ mouths and watch the guys sing their music! Try experimenting with the music by scanning the band members at different times to remix the song, or break the song down and listen to each member individually.

Imagine sitting back, touching a screen, moving  an object and suddenly your lounging in a tropical paradise. Everything is perfect…. a beautiful horizon… white sandy beaches… fruity beverages and an endless ocean. Your world changes within seconds, taking away all of the stressors of the day.  The advancements in augmented reality applications are making scenarios like this possible. Now, imagine if that whole scene was actually a sponsored advertisement for Sandals Beach Resort!

Augmented Reality Marketing is here to stay

Augmented reality applications (also know as virtual reality)  🙂 have moved beyond the hype and are beginning to make a real world impact. Word Lens, an iPhone app that translates signs on the fly, was an overnight hit. Other titles have proved popular in both the gaming and retail arenas.

The above video was brought to you using Blippar.  Blippar™ is a brand new, free application for smart phones – A magic ‘lens’ enhancing the world around you with virtual, instant information and entertainment.  Not only that but Blippar represents one of several start ups entering into the augmented advertising arena.  Before you know it, we’ll be visiting virtual worlds vs Websites.

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The growth of the augmented reality applications market is expected to be exponential with the revenue growth from $181.25 million in 2011 to $5,155.92 million by 2016, at a CAGR of 95.35% from 2011 to 2016. The most attractive of all the segments is the smartphones segment; followed by the tablets, and so on. The major players that provide software for augmented reality are Metaio (U.S.), Wikitude (Austria), Zugara (U.S.), and Layar (The Netherlands).

A limitless world for Creative Advertisers

As of today, only 0.1% of the users are using augmented reality products in the total market of products under study. It is estimated that in the coming five years, 1% of the population will be using this application; which is an exponential rise in the overall market. As the market will grow up, many categories of application will incorporate augmented reality features; particularly in retail, travel, and gaming application. The world will witness the use of these applications across all domains.

Samsung 3d Projection

(INSERT Your -Kick Butt, Samsung Augmented 60 Inch AMAZON AFFILIATE LINK HERE 🙂

Samsung seems to be everywhere, on the forefront of emerging technologies and gaining significant market share.  Pioneering in the world of augmentation and a major player in the mobile and tablet markets, Samsung is flexing their marketing muscles with some cool Projection Mapping projects.  The video above is a brief glimpse of the world we’re moving towards.  The way we interact and communicate with each other has become a rapid evolution.   Projection mapping has been around for a few years now, but it is starting to come into its own with some high profile stunts. Projection mapping software looks at the shape of an object and creates a 3D map of it, allowing an artist to overlay imagery — usually on a large surface or structure.

Why is this interesting? Because it provides the ability to change the experience of a physical object creatively, so at one point the object was one thing, and then right in front of your eyes it appears to be another. Ralph Lauren made a recent splash with this tech at a high profile event, projecting a 3D spectacle on the facades of flagship stores in New York and London.

Infiniti and Toyota have used the technique effectively to make their cars defy the laws of nature at private events. Others have used it to augment architecture and living spaces in such dramatic ways that you would have to touch them to see if the change was real or simply a visual trick. If all the structures around us were a canvas, imagine what we could do with them...

Augmented Reality takes building Brand Awareness to a Whole New Level and enables our world to connect in a whole new way!  The revolution is gaining momentum and leading brands aren’t wasting anytime…they’re getting in NOW!  Imagine all of the new possibilities and opportunities from a Affiliate / CPA Marketing Perspective.  A whole new world to be discovered and tested (and make no mistake, Millions are being spent testing)


Starbucks – Mobile brings in 20 Million Transactions

Cup Magic, created by Blast Radius, caps off a year of successful mobile implementations by Starbucks. The brand launched a mobile payment app in January that has been used in more than 20 million transactions and a QR code program designed, like Starbucks Cup Magic, to enhance the in-store brand experience.

A Whole New Way to Market in a whole new world!

Augment your world with Blippar

Soon it will be a world of augmented lead capture pages showcasing products, services, brands, streets and more. We’ll come to expect .EDU offers with interactive campus tours and interactive product demonstrations. It’s amazing where we are at in today’s world!