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So You Suck At Affiliate Marketing, Now What?

so you suck at affiliate marketing

What’s the matter? Commission checks got you down?

Affiliate marketing is a fast, cut throat, and fickle business. That’s life. If you want to play the game accept it and get on top of your game. You’ve got no one to blame but yourself when you’re sitting in your PJs crying over your $23 Clickbank check.

Does it suck? Yep.

Should you quit? Only if you’re not willing to fail a bit more and expand your skills.

Here are a few things to consider while you’re “hulking out” over the fact that you’re not pulling six figures a month.

#1 Start Buying Traffic

Trust me, the dream of the “organic affiliate” isn’t dead. It’s just a lot harder. Getting traffic without paying for it is a myth. You’re paying for it with time or money in outsourcing (adding content, building links, etc). Why not put your cash towards some traffic you know will actually hit your site?

Imagine that… pay for traffic, get visitors.

You’ll be able to test offers, creative, copy, everything so much more effectively.

And last but not least – the biggest advantage is speed. Find out what keywords, what images, what copy works in a market.

#2 Build An Authority Site

Oh, you only buy traffic? Ok, then I guess I’ll just take all of the millions of unique visitors Google is ready to send in your market.

Seriously though… there are two sides to the traffic game. Be on both sides. Be everywhere.

Authority sites take time, love, and a lot of effort to develop.  And yes, they can feel complicated at the start. You might as well get started now. Just be sure that you’re building in a market that you know is profitable. That’s the caveat to an authority site. Make sure you’re spending that time and money in a place that will bear fruit.

psychology of selling#3 Learn the Psychology of Selling

Selling is a science and an art. You’d be well served to understand the psychology behind selling. Even if you’re not selling a product directly, understanding “influence” and “persuasion” will go a long way in making bigger commission checks.

In fact – go buy the book Influence by Robert B. Cialdini. When you’re done with that read anything by Seth Godin.

Check this out. It’s a great example of the psychology and selling working together.

Consider this

When something doesn’t work what do you do?

When has giving up ever gotten you what you want?

When has doing less than your competitor ever made you more money?

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