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Email Marketing Still Rocks

email marketing still rocks

Some of the most successful affiliates in the world are email marketing masters. They wouldn’t trade email marketing for anything. It’s their bread and butter – and with good reason.

No matter what happens to their rankings, no matter how many competitors try and piggy back on the same traffic sources, their money and traffic is relatively safe. That’s simply because an email list is that powerful.

It’s good. It’s real good.

There’s a world of debate about email marketing though. Does it still work? How many emails should you send? Does segmenting work best? Isn’t social media better?

Here’s what some experts are saying about email marketing in 2012

Reason #1 Why Email Still Rocks – Pure Numbers

Did you know there are almost 3x’s as many registered email users than there are Facebook and Twitter users combined?

That’s a big big number. It resides somewhere in the 2.9 billion range.


A lot of people have email. And guess what? They do still read them.

Reason #2 Why Email Still Rocks – It Generates Big Traffic Days

After personally working with a content authority in the health market – I’ve seen what email days can do for publishers. Not only were email days the highest traffic days, they were also the highest commission days.

But don’t take my word for it.

This guy sent just 2 emails over the course of a year and generated his highest traffic days. Take a look at the line graph – it’s obvious which two days were the email days.



You’d think their list would forget who they are. Apparently though, it’s quite the opposite when it comes to trusted brands. You can send only a few emails a year and they remain trusted.

trusted brands winReason #3 Why Email Still Rocks – 50% of Opt-Ins Trust Company Emails

The title says it all. You’re rewarded when you perform email marketing with integrity (only sending to people who opt in).

That doesn’t mean you can send 10 emails a day though. One of the biggest reasons for unsubscribes is because they receive too many emails.

The argument between those that believe you should send daily emails vs less frequent emails is a big one. One side has more list attrition while the other may see less revenue from email campaigns.

Source – Nielson 2012

Are you doing email marketing in your affiliate business? Why or why not? Hit the comments below

2 thoughts on “Email Marketing Still Rocks

  1. I have never done email marketing and would like to learn more about this but for my market “loans,” it doesn’t seem to be an easy task to get opt ins, after all people only take loans when they need them, to hear about them repeatedly in their email to me doesn’t seem that it will work unless someone can say to the contrary? I guess I could buy email lists for persons who have taken loans but that doesn’t mean they will become a potential borrower as they have already taken a loan in the past.

    Overall its a hard one and I would appreciate some input from someone with a little advice on the matter?

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