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Google Wants To Give You Marketing Advice

And they’ve even put together a fancy new website/ebook combo to share it with you.

The book is called Zero Moment of Truth.

What the hell does that mean? Well, you’ll find out if you read the book but I’ll try and make it snappy for you…

The ZMT is the exact moment you become aware of a product or service and you search it online. They put it more eloquently than I do of course…

Here it is in their own words.

A Zero Moment of Truth Is

A BUSY MOM IN A MINIVAN, looking up decongestants on her
mobile phone as she waits to pick up her son at school.
printer prices and ink cartridge costs before heading to the office
supply store.
A STUDENT IN A CAFE, scanning user ratings and reviews while
looking for a cheap hotel in Barcelona.
mobile phone to look at video reviews of the latest snowboards.
A YOUNG WOMAN IN HER CONDO, searching the web for
juicy details about a new guy before a blind date.

– excerpt from Zero Moment of Truth ebook

The book is very well written and researched. Anything less wouldn’t deserve the brand Google on it. It’s full of data and advice at how to “win at the zero moment of truth.” It’s informative to the point of dizzying you with information overload (although you might be surprised at how much you’re already familiar with as an educated affiliate marketer).

Above all else it emphasizes the advantages of ethical, high value marketing. It talks about rewarding consumers with that which they desire most. In turn your company is rewarded.

Those are all good things… right?

Then why can’t I shake this sense of uneasy?

Then why can’t I shake this sense that the kool-aid is already poured, in my cup, and I’ve taken a sip (or two)?

Despite the taking the obvious ethical high ground, pouring money into research, and writing what is technically a very sound piece of content; There seems to be a conflict of interest.
Obviously this is a personal opinion and does not reflect that of my publishers.

Google owns so much. Google controls so much when it comes to online marketing. It just feels wrong that they play both sides of the field here.

I’m biased. I’ve profited from Google traffic over the years. I’ve also lost thousands of dollars in income when they decided my sites weren’t worthy any longer.

Decide for yourself.

Check out Google’s ebook at http://www.zeromomentoftruth.com/

Oh… and just so you know the header image is just a joke.  Don’t freak out.

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