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Kindle Publishing Primer

kindle primer

Have you ever read a book only to say that you could have done it better? If so, you are not alone. In the past though, publishing a book required a lot of time and effort on your part as well as an iron clad ego. Rejections were very common as publishers would receive scores of manuscripts each month. Breaking into the world of published authors was difficult.

Thanks to e-books and more specifically the Kindle marketplace, this is no longer the case.

Self-publishing is easier than ever. In fact, JK Rowling has already announced that she will be offering her Harry Potter e-books on her popular site, Pottermore, without the help of a publisher.

Kindle blueprintKindle Publishing Tips

#1 Choose a Topic – To niche or not to niche?

If you’re looking to take advantage of the Kindle publishing boom you might want to consider your topics based on keywords.  Amazon pages rank very well in search engines.  It’s only makes sense to pick a topic that has decent searches per month and low volumes of competiton.

Granted – there may be a few of you writers out there just interested in publishing a novel.  By all means go for it.  However don’t ignore the fact that there is opportunity for the niche ebook author.

#2  Price your book accordingly.

A good starting point for a new author is 99 cents.  If you have a speciality book that only a small market will make use of, you can price it higher as the information is harder to obtain.

#3 Optimize Your Book Cover

Make sure that your thumbnail cover image looks appropriate.  There’s nothing more unprofessional then bad graphics in the Kindle store.  There will be hundreds if not thousands of people that make an instant decision based on your cover.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot here.

#4 Promote your book

Promotion could make or break the success of your book release.  Here are few ideas on how to promote your Kindle book

  • Facebook Ads – target kindle readers, and readers of well known books in your vertical
  • Link Building – building high quality links to your book’s product page could boost rankings for the page.
  • Social Media – Create a launch event, connect with other authors and influencers in the social sphere.
  • PPC – This may work better with a niche keyword targeted book than traditional fiction/non-fiction books.
  • If it’s a free book try Kindle Nation Daily – http://kindlenationdaily.com/


Have you published a Kindle book?  We’d love to hear your story in the comments below.


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