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Get Mobile Audience Profile Data With Quantcast

Quantcast has announced the launch of demographics for mobile apps. Good news for app developers out there. You can now get all of the audience insights Quantcast is known for on your mobile apps for free.

Audience profile data has been added to Quantcast Measure, the mobile app tool they launched last March. They’re now the proud owners of the only “common methodology” that tracks audience data across mobile and web apps.

With Quantcast Measure publishers and app developers will get

  • A detailed understanding of who’s using an app with demographic profiles of their audience (gender, age, household composition, education, ethnicity and income)
  • Product insights that can help attract and retain users by measuring loyalty and benchmarking audience retention against the average
  • A view into how an audience moves across website, mobile web and app to manage the migration flow between platforms and within a product
  • A complete picture of online and mobile app audiences all in one place based on one consistent methodology and years of expertise in machine learning
  • The only open platform that allows for external validation and showcasing an audience

The more data you’ve got the more decisions you can make. Data driven marketing is smart marketing. Understanding your app audience will help prioritize product development ques, improve your content marketing, and create deeper connections with your customers and fans.

You can get your hands on this sweet new tools from Quantcast here

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