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New AdWords Features Augment Text-Only Mobile Ads

In spite of the supposed preference for images and graphics, text-only ads continue to perform well on mobile devices. Google has just announced a plan to alter the format of their mobile Adwords.

Michael Levanduski of Performance Marketing Insider reports that the new ads “will have a larger headline, which will be blue by default.” This easier-to-read headline will increase the headline’s primary role – to engage the prospect. Still, a larger headline will require “a major balancing act” between using few words and yet still communicating a complete and effective message.

Google has also created a place for marketers to add additional information that users can access by swiping to the right. This allows users to learn more before actually visiting the site.

Levanduski speculates that Google “may also have some data that shows that this improves the overall CTR.” This makes sense, because most people want to know more before clicking on an ad. And when you factor in load time and data streaming costs, the ad has to be worth it. This new feature will enable marketers to provide a little more content than is possible with a one-sentence text ad.

 Source: Performance Marketing Insider

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