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Mobile Marketing What’s Working Now

Mobile advertising is still in it’s infancy. And like all infants its growing and changing at a fast pace. The technology is changing. The way people use mobile devices are changing and evolving too. All of this adds up to a topic that’s tough to keep your finger on the pulse of. But that doesn’t mean we’re not going to try!

Today we’re going to take a look at a few different aspects of mobile marketing. Each aspect has been picked out of the industry’s best of the best in current events. How’s that for content curation?

The Most Profitable Platforms

A few short days ago Opera Software (the same company that developed the opera web browser) released a report on mobile advertising. The data they revealed painted quite the mobile picture.

There were several major aspects of the report. The one that struck the loudest chord, in my opinion, was the one about the most profitable platforms. Here it is in their words:

iOS continues to deliver the highest eCPM
This quarter, iOS led the pack again with a $1.64 eCPM with iPad and iPhone garnering $4.42 and $1.48 eCPMs respectively. Android slipped down in the rankings with $0.88, well below RIM at $1.06.

It’s no surprise iOS is continuing it’s profitable ways. What may be shocking though is just how much more profitable.

Read the report here to find out what else their data revealed about mobile advertising.

Controversial Tactics

When you run a campaign online and in mobile always always always use a landing page. Right?

Wrong. According to Scott Swanson CEO of Mobile Theory.

Mr. Swanson suggests you use calls to action directly in the ad unit to drive conversions. He Says:

Through A/B testing, we’ve seen post-tap response and engagement rates up to 10% higher on ads that expand versus those that launch an entirely new page. Landing pages may have been the best way to focus the consumer on a single message and push them to action on the web, but in mobile they’re just not the best solution.

It’s a great article if you care to read more. What it brings to the forefront is the fact that mobile is fundamentally different than online advertising. There are somethings that are the same but many that aren’t  If you want to profit you’ll need to be open to straying from “conventional” tactics.

mobile ROIKey Ingredients To a Profitable Campaign

Not all training comes in a $2,000 guru package. Sometimes great training is free.

MobileMarketer.com released a guide to mobile ad creative and it’s pretty damn good. If you want to get a handle on what makes great mobile ads, you’ll want to see this. There are so many types of ads it’s easy to get lost. This guide will provide the clarity you’re looking for.

Get their free guide to mobile creative here

IMgrind.com continues to publish awesome content. Recently they released Ruck’s “The Mobile Manifesto” and it is truly incredible. It’s 189 pages of real actionable mobile training. You’ll find training on everything from mobile offers, to tracking and reports, to optimizing your campaigns.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn all of the ins and outs of mobile affiliate advertising this is it. Go here to find out more (Ruck, man, this thing is awesome!)

And lastly a few insights into mobile usage. Business Insider published a few “infographic-like” images describing different aspects of mobile marketing. For instance women in western countries spend more time on mobile Internet than men. When you think about it, that’s not really a surprise. The point is – they’ve published some interesting aspects of mobile you might want to know about.

Check it out here

So what did you think of our mobile marketing update? Did you like this format? Hate it? Find it useful? Let us know in the comments below

6 thoughts on “Mobile Marketing What’s Working Now

  1. Dustin,

    Excellent information and very useful links (thanks). Interesting to note the results of the Opera Software survey…I wonder how it was conducted because I have consistently been able to get far better results when targeting Android compared to iPhone.

    Also have to agree about landing pages for mobile….they just do not seem to increase conversions like they do with web marketing.

    Just my thoughts ))


  2. Interesting feedback Tom, thanks! I’m sure everyone will have different results depending on campaigns, targeting, etc.

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