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6 Things You Can Do To Make 2013 Your Best

#1 Get Clear

This is a concept every affiliate marketer should familiarize themselves with. Getting clear is all about accepting where you are at with your business and your life, then clearly stating where you want to go with it. Failure to plan is like planning to fail.

This will inevitably lead to the topic of finances. Coincidentally…

#2 Straighten Out Your Finances

If you’re like most folks – your finances are a bit here and there. You may have a handle of what’s in your bank account but you don’t know exactly what’s coming out each month and what’s going in. Fix that. Knowledge is power.

Do a financial audit. Make a spreadsheet with all of your income and expenses clearly written down. Know exactly where you stand. It’s the only way to make solid business decisions in the future. How could you possibly know if you can afford that full time virtual assistant if you don’t know EXACTLY what your monthly expenses are?

not organized#3 Organize

This goes for EVERYTHING. Clutter around you clutters your mind. Thinking clearly is an absolute must for those who want to be productive.

*Sync your computer with your mobile devices.
*Use a backup service for your PC/Mac like Carbonite to protect your work.
*Make sure your passwords are all recorded and secure (Roboform is great for this).
*Organize your PC desktop
*Organize your physical desktop (file those old bills sitting on your desk)

#4 Do A Site Audit

Are your sites producing the income you want? If not, how come? Have you done a real deal site audit on them before? If not you may be surprised by what you find.

Auditing your site will reveal many if not all of the reasons why it’s not producing the way you wanted it to.

#5 Stay Healthy

If you don’t have your health you have nothing. Staying healthy isn’t that hard. Losing weight isn’t hard (despite what you might be saying to yourself). You’ve got to be healthy to be in the game. Eat more green vegetables and get your butt to the gym once in a while (or walk or something – quit whining) If all you did was eat one vegetarian meal per day and walked outside a few times per week – you will lose weight.

Weight loss isn’t the only topic when it comes to health. Your health is directly connected to your energy levels. If you’re not ready to rock n’ roll everyday your work will suffer. Trust me, I know from experience. Energy is hugely important. Try adding a green smoothie or a protein shake with fruit and vegetables every once in awhile. It’s shocking how much energy your body pulls from densely packed nutrition.

#6 Write Daily

Even if you’re not a write you’ll come up with a ton of great ideas and content. It’s something you may need to work at in the beginning but it pays off. Try just doing 20 minutes per day at the start. You’ll quickly find that you can do 30, then 40, then an hour. If you wrote just 400 words per day every day of the year you’d have content for blog posts, ebooks, reports, facebook posts, twitter tweets, business plans, etc.

Content drives the web. Always has always will. Writing content will always be a valuable activity. No matter what you’re writing it cannot possibly be a waste of time.


Life is all about data. It’s all about how we gather, interpret, organize, and ultimately take action on data. You can look all of the tips above and see they are one form or another of this “life data” ecosystem. It’s a lot to do, no doubt. But if you compartmentalize and take one thing at a time you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished in the end. Good luck and happy hunting in 2013.

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