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[Infographic] SEO Ranking Factors For 2013

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SEO got you down? Or more specifically, does it have your website down in the rankings? SEO has evolved in recent years there’s no doubt about it. Getting and keeping rank is more complicated than ever in some respects.

Fortuneatly for you and I there are some seriously smart math folks out there. The guys and gals from Searchmetrics.com have put together a pretty fantstic ranking factors infographic for us.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of what well positioned sites have in common with each other as well as what makes them different from their lesser ranking competitors. Use this as an indicator of what has the greatest impact on your rankings.

Here’s to higher rankings



infographic credit searchmetrics.com

4 thoughts on “[Infographic] SEO Ranking Factors For 2013

  1. I’m not sure whether to say that this infographic is great or weird. So I see the metrics I would expect to see going in to the Google search algorithm, but I honesty don’t quite understand that values. For “% of backlinks rel=nofollow”… what is this saying? Is it saying that this percentage is what I should shoot for in my link profile, or that it has a bearing of about .25% on my rankings. It obviously took some work to develop, but I just wish it have more explanation as to how to use it (if there is any way to use it).

  2. There is a saying that a picture tells more than a thousand words and it’s so true. Thanks for making me aware of how infographics can improve blogging and get readers attention way quicker then just a usual article.

  3. Great, a person or tiny bussines couldn’t see this, ’cause its needs a lot of time, effort or money to get all those metrics from so many websites.

    As I can see, here they are not telling us, you need 25% of something to get rank on google or you need 99.9995 of dofollow backlinks, there at offervault say, we study or analize 300,000 sites and we saw what the infographic shows, and of course we need to mimmics those sites to try ranking on google, that way we can see what’s working to rank.

    But I wonder how a person with a small or tiny or no budget at all can get all that work done ?? it just a lot of work, looking for good quality backlinks, sites where to comment, set up profiles, upload articles, pressrelease, videos, pdfs, presentations, wrting many good quality articles on the target site, creating good structured backlinks, creating videos, pdfs, articles, presentations, I would like or love to know how to do all this.

    I know google loves good quality content that engage, also love good quality backlinks from autorithy sites, I guess I need an army to get all this done.

    I don’t know if a software out there could help doing this.

    But Any way, thanks by the infographic it’s pretty good and there we can see where to point.

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