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Mobile Marketing News You Can Use

mobile marketing news

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on what’s going on with mobile marketing now.   Just a few months in high tech marketing time means a lot has happened. Below you’ll find mobile updates from some of the highest quality sources we’ve found.

Trending Up

Local and social mobile marketing is booming. Why wouldn’t it? The two channels provide some of the most interesting and useful targeting options available to a mobile marketer today.

On Local, Business Insider says:

retailers, brands, and agencies are scrambling to hone their location-based approaches. These encompass everything from “geo-aware” and “geo-fenced” ad campaigns, to hyper-local efforts keyed to Wi-Fi hotspots, and algorithmic location-based targeting of audience segments like soccer moms, bargain hunters, coffee enthusiasts, etc.

They also refer to local as the new “cookie” which is a very thought provoking way to phrase it. Local is big and getting bigger.

On Social, Business Insider says:

shoppers can price-compare and solicit advice from friends wherever they are. Overall, mobile accounts for just under 40% of time spent on social media. Facebook has passed the 50% mobile usage mark and Pinterest is at 48%. Together, they combine for over 56% of social generated e-commerce at the moment

Don’t forget that social isn’t just a channel for marketing. An infographic from the Salseforce blog says that 78% of customers look to social as the #2 point of customer service contact. Social can’t be looked at as just a marketing channel.

Small Business Tips

We’ve already told you how big local and social mobile advertising has become. So it only makes sense that its a must for today’s small business owners.

The modern small business owner has more to do though.

Mobile Marketing Watch Says getting started with mobile websites, mobile payments, and mobile advertising couldn’t possibly be easier or more affordable.

Build a mobile website, accept mobile payments, and use mobile advertising. Simple.

Affiliate Success

There are very few names who consistently deliver top quality free content on mobile affiliate marketing. In fact the only name you really need to know is IMGrind.com.

Ruck and Ryan are the best of the best when it comes to this stuff. And once again they’ve inspired another affiliate to mobile marketing greatness. How great?

How about nearly $20,000 in revenue in 20 days?

That’s right another IMGrind protege killing it in mobile. His name is Patrick Warner and you can read how he did it here. (Thanks for sharing Patrick)

So that’s it for this round of mobile marketing news. Did you find this useful? Have you started any mobile marketing campaigns yet? Let us know in the comments below

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