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5 Rules for Making Clickworthy Display Ads & Tapworthy Mobile Ads

So you are considering getting your feet wet in the dating realm.  No.. silly I don’t mean you are looking for a date!  (But hey I might have some friends to introduce you too.. kidding) I’m talking about you trying your hand at the Dating Niche.

Of course, when starting out we often test the waters a bit.  Who wouldn’t?  I’m not going to dive in without seeing if the market is ice cold first.  A good way to do just that is to buy a few dollars worth of paid ads.  You can use these ads to point to either a product of your own (possibly a PLR ebook) or an affiliate product.  Either way, you will get a taste for what the market will do.

Put your goggles on first!

You should realize though, that even though the dating niche can be profitable there are tons of others out there that realize the same exact thing.  Over the last decade the online dating market has blown up with exception growth, bringing in over a billion dollars in revenue.  You guessed it .. that translates to a “crap load” of competition.

The folks over at ipyxel.com have been kind enough to list out 5 simple rules to follow when creating your display ads so that they stand out and POP!

1. Be Specific

Be sure to hint at narrowing search results in your ads, such as how these ads did with age and location. This is one of the best ways to make your ads more attractive to clickers and tappers.

Online daters are looking for quality over quantity, so make sure your ad screams that you have exactly who they are looking for.

2. Say ‘No’ to Stock Photos

Bad Examples:

Stock photos are a big no-no with online dating ads. The women in these ads are professionally photographed and Photoshopped to look flawless. However, online daters are looking for someone who they can actually see themselves with… And not just in their dreams.

Good Examples:

Using amateur photos of regular people is the way to go. This makes your ad look authentic and far more relatable.

3. Play on the Familiar

What do you recognize about these ads? They look pretty familiar to Facebook’s interface, don’t they?

Facebook is a place where most people already feel quite comfortable living out part of their social life. By making your ads resemble a platform that people are already comfortable with, you will make your ads far more eye catching.

4. Give them What they Want

There is a significant chance that the people viewing your ad already have an online dating profile. With this in mind, you need to successfully pitch what is different about this site, and why this one is worth their time.

Focus on appealing to the common issues most online daters face.

The ad about ‘James’ addresses the issue that most women are sick of getting mountains of messages from guys who simply want to hook up. On the other hand, most men seem to have the opposite problem, which is what the second ad looks to tackle.

5. Make Clicking Too Tempting

Warning: be careful with this tip. As we know, clickers and tappers aren’t always buyers, and to keep a healthy conversion always set it as your goal to attract only the most serious clickers.

With that in mind, check out how these ads use a strong call to action to grab your attention!

By making your plain-Jane image ad appear as though they are about to play a movie or even choose their date it make your ad all to tempting to click.


Tell us about your success in the Dating Niche … we would LOVE to hear from you.


Original article: ipyxel.com Arthur: Danielle Forget





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