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A4D – Affiliate Meetup 2014 in San Diego

The annual A4D Meetup is happening in San Diego on June 21st, 2014 at the Hard Rock Hotel. From 250-400 affiliate marketers will gather together for some awesome networking time, coupled with some fantastic insider knowledge from some of those that have been in the trenches themselves.

The scheduled sessions run times are 45 minutes long, giving you ample opportunity to learn a great deal from each speaker.   Some of the topics talked about will be:

  • Starting and building campaigns from scratch
  • Scaling campaigns that are working and have plateau’d
  • Turning your business from sketchy campaigns to running compliant and long term (not chasing Facebook accounts)
  • Product creation
  • Taking more of the value chain, building customer lists, monetizing those lists
  • Optimization tips, tactics and tweaks

Wow!  That’s enough to get any marketer drooling and chomping at the bit.  Plus, as I mentioned before all the speakers have or are currently affiliates working their own magic in some way or another.

The line up of speakers is as follows:

For the full itinerary and registration information you can visit:  http://www.a4d.com/meetup



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