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Are you going? – Affiliate Summit East 2014

Did you get your ticket?  I sure hope so … otherwise you might be SOL.   As I write this post I’m looking at a huge splash page on Affiliate Summit’s site saying they are sold out.    They are directing  those who haven’t yet registered here: www.regonline.com/ase14  to check for availability.

For those of you reading who haven’t a clue as to what I’m referring to (shame on you), Affiliate Summit is one of the largest affiliate marketing events known to man (ok maybe not that big – but it’s massive).   This three day event takes place in NYC (there is also a West and in previous years a London and a Central) at the New York Marriot Marquis.

It includes a massive (no exaggeration here) exhibit hall with exhibits, merchants, vendors, and networks.  Not to mention all the educational sessions and swag that is being dished out.  So not only is it a great networking opportunity, but a chance to rub elbows with all the top “gurus” in the industry.

I hear (not that I have first hand knowledge or anything)  but several of the leaders in our industry are often found outside by the street in the smoking area OR in one of the many diners around the city.

The numbers of vendors and merchants are way too many to list but hop on over to Affiliate Summit’s page for a complete run down.

Hope to see you there!

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