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Integrating Your Email and Social Media Audiences [Infographic]

No this isn’t another one of those rants “Email is dead.”  or “Social Media Will Kill Your Business.”  More so, this is a way to open your eyes to the fact that as marketers we need every single tool in play that is at our disposal.  Modern marketing campaigns should be diverse in all avenues of reach to obtain their targeted audiences.

The infographic below from ReachMail shows us just how well social and email marketing can live and breath together under the same roof.

According to ReachMail, one email share is work $12.41, and a Google+ share is worth $5.62, while other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter see even smaller ROI’s.  However, despite the limited reach on social networks the click through rates are super strong.  On Linkedin, click-through rates are close to eight percent, and both Twitter and Facebook generate click-throughs at just over six percent. Social sites are a great way to drive traffic to email newsletters, where companies can be more assured of reliable exposure.

How are you combining email and social media in your marketing plan?  What is working best for you?  Let us know all about it in the comments below!


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