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The Benefits of Learning How To Listen Via Social Media

While doing my daily reading, I ran across an article that blew me away with the shear statistics surrounding the actual reach of social media.

  • Social media is the most affordable media for advertising today as compared to conventional methods such as TV commercials and print placements. Most social media sites allow businesses to open pages free and have very affordable advertising costs.
  • Currently, social media is the largest audience you can target with a single advertisement, especially if the demographic you are targeting includes active internet users. Many people today will consult the internet first before buying a product or even choosing a restaurant.
  • Social media marketing is instant and interactive; you can post up new promotions and sales as soon as they begin.
  • Social media can also help you to attract traffic to your website and convert them into active users of the website.

(source: FourthSource.com)

This of course just adds to what we have already learned over the past few years about the benefits of social media marketing.

Creating an online presence has become crucial for any and everyone wishing to create a name or brand for themselves.  Some type of social media play should be apart of every brands marketing strategy going forward.

This brings me to the topic at hand –

What is Social Media Listening?

It’s pretty self explanatory really.  Social Media Listening is nothing more than monitoring various social media platforms sot that you can become privy to what others are saying about your brand as well as your competitor’s products.

Social media listening can help you to:

  • Create a community
  • Use consumer behaviors
  • Manage your social media page
  • Become more agile
  • Enhance your product

Social media listening is the best way to assess various aspects of social media pages that influences how your product performs.

How are you using your listening skills to further your online presence? 




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