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The 15 Best Podcasts for Business Owners

In the current day, when you barely have time to swipe a cup of coffee from your Keurig, Podcasts have become a pivotal tool for the busy entrepreneur. They are both quick and easy to digest, especially for those with longer commutes.  And best yet? They cover a whole gambit of topics.

Inc.com has put together a list of 15 of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs, so why not make the most of your commute and give them a listen?

1. The Foundation

Not all podcasts are audio only–this one is driven by video interviews, great for those of you who tend to zone out without a picture to focus on. The Foundation is an entire online program for entrepreneurs, and its podcasts act like their guest lecturers.

2. Mixergy Startup Stories

Mixergy is a consistent favorite–their in-depth interviews and high production episodes always leave you satisfied and excited for more, not wishing there was something better. They’re also great about providing transcripts for each episode in case you want to go back and research specific moments.

3. Eventual Millionaire

A big favorite for the name alone! These interviews are “case studies” in becoming a millionaire. Each episode is based around one individual and how they got to where they are today. A totally inspirational podcast, and one that will leave you with a sense of purpose moving forward.

4. All in: Elevating Your Leadership Game

Want content featuring some of the biggest names in the industry? This is the podcast for you. Driven by Alicia Dunams, the show features huge names in business, economics, and global affairs, all eager to share their histories and advice.

5. The Tim Ferriss Show

Known for his research with The 4 Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris has become godlike among entrepreneurs (and we would bet that if you didn’t know he had a podcast, you’re fan-geeking out right now about that fact). This is a great choice for those who want serious content but with a more fun and light approach.

6. This Week in Startups

A podcast that is practically the front page of entrepreneurial news. Interested in what’s going on around the world, and not just seeking advice on how to advance your career? These video interviews (going strong since 2009) are the ones for you.

7. Beyond the To-Do List

Looking for more than funny stories and inspirational lift? We love Erik Fisher’s podcast because it’s all about strategy–how to take what you’re doing and do it better.

8. Entrepreneur on Fire 

Why do we love EoFire? Because its range is absolutely incredible. These podcasts will run the gamut from inspirational to humorous, from heart-wrenching to all-out awe-inspiring. Some episodes will have you wanting to take notes, while others will have you sitting back and relaxing in the conversations that are taking place.

9. London Real 

Another podcast that’s more than just a podcast. The London Real Academy invites you to create entire social networks while learning together with their lesson-like podcast interviews, offering a holistic view of entrepreneurship for those who are so inclined.

10. How to Start a Startup

Another great podcast that functions the way higher education should. These “episodes” are lectures, sometimes with live individuals and sometimes as slide presentations. All are incredibly powerful in their message.

11. Smart Passive Income

Those who are interested in tinkering, in garage science experiments, in trying and failing and trying again, are going to fall in love with Pat Flynn. He considers himself the “crash test dummy of online business,” and he wants to share his knowledge with you.

12. Tropical MBA

If you’ve played around with the idea of being a digital nomad, or are already a fully indoctrinated member of the lifestyle, then this podcast will become a staple of your weekly listening. Hosted by two entrepreneurs who have built their entire careers from their laptops, the show is a great portrait of the potential in this kind of entrepreneurial lifestyle.

13. The Entrepreneur Effect

One of the best things about this podcast is how broad its topics go–entrepreneurs from every walk of life are discussed, giving listeners vast amounts of information to mull over and be wowed by.

14. This Is Your Life 

This is one of the most in-depth and content-heavy podcasts for those who are just getting their feet off the ground. With podcast titles like “Your Guide to Greatness” and “How to Lead Transformational Conversations,” Michael Hyatt shows himself as a big-picture thinker in his podcasts.

15. 1 Day Business Breakthrough 

Their tagline is simple: “Where Real Entrepreneurs Unite to Unleash Game-Changing Business Breakthroughs.” This is a stupendously inspirational podcast, one that will leave you thinking forward about your own business and where you want to take it, long after you’ve stopped listening.

Instead of just sitting and stewing in traffic, why not subscribe to the above podcasts and work your brain during the drive.


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