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What If The Presidential Candidates Where SEO’s? [Infographic]

Do you follow politics?  Are you a strong Left or Right?  Either way, I’m certain that you haven’t been able to get through this election year without picking up on other people’s personal opinions regarding the candidates and/or issues at hand.

This brings to mind that SEO can be a whole lot like a presidential campaign.

You have a bunch of  You have a bunch of people with different opinions but the same exact goal. Politicians want to get elected while SEOs want to get their websites to the top position of the search engines.

Same – Same. Right?

While each politician is unique and has their own personal strategy, some do indeed have an overlap while others are 100% unique in their chosen path. The same happens in the SEO world.

The following FUN infographic put together by Adam Riemer Marketing lightens the air on all the craziness surrounding this year’s election. It also shows you what the presidential candidates might sound like if they were SEO’s pitching a client or speaking at a conference.


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