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Make money sending web push notifications with ReachMobi

In an ever-evolving online landscape, niche publishers and content marketers always keep a keen eye towards new revenue-generating opportunities. Monetized web push notifications are a new way to monetize your audience that is well worth looking into.

Leading the way is ReachMobi, a web push notifications provider who’ve built the first web push notifications platform focused on monetization. They offer an innovative solution that publishers and online marketers, desiring to increase their revenue channels, should take a very serious look at.

Check out ReachMobi web push notifications.

Why Web Push Notifications?

Monetized web push notifications bring two significant new advantages to Internet and content marketing:

  1. A new marketing channel via the web browser that allows the marketer to communicate with their users no matter where they are on the web.
  2. A new monetization channel. ReachMobi is the only web push notification provider in the industry that is currently offering a monetization component.

What Are Web Push Notifications?

You’re undoubtedly familiar with push notifications received through mobile devices. Web push notifications function similarly, but are delivered through a web browser rather than an app. You’re probably already noticing many websites asking for your permission to send you web push notifications. Like their mobile counterparts, they offer a headline, description, image and a clickable link. It is this clickable link that provides a pathway to monetization.

One reason publishers and marketers should consider web push notifications as a new marketing channel is due to the decline in the effectiveness of email. Deliverability is one of most significant hurdles. Web push notifications relieve some of these issues. As a result, web push notifications give you the opportunity to acquire subscribers you’re not able to capture with email.

Now that you have an overview of what web push notifications are, let’s look at ReachMobi’s solution and what it offers…

How Monetized Web Push Notifications work with ReachMobi

  1. Messages are sent and delivered in real-time. For sending time-sensitive messages, web push notifications can’t be beat. Since you’re delivering the message directly to your subscriber, deliverability is not an issue. With ReachMobi, you can submit and send your message within five minutes.
  2. Web push notifications are delivered through the web browser. ReachMobi can message your subscribers whether they are on your site or off. You can reach your audience anywhere they are on the web. It’s truly game-changing.
  3. Web push notifications are highly visible. They appear at the corner of the web browser where they don’t go unnoticed. If the user has their browser closed, they will receive the message the next time they engage with their browser. Compare that to email, where you have to wait until users check their email – and even then – they can simply ignore the email and not open it.
  4. Retarget and remarket to your audience. Web push notifications are highly effective at re-engaging visitors due to the ability to reach your audience in real-time, as well as, reaching them no matter where they are on the web.
  5. Growing your audience. A significant portion of visitors today are unlikely to subscribe to an email list. However, an increasing segment of visitors prefer the simplicity of push notifications, especially younger visitors. This is because push notifications are inherently brief, requiring only a moment of time to interact and receive your update. This allows you to grow your audience and gain subscribers you otherwise would not, especially those suffering from email fatigue. The opt-in is one-click easy, and requires no personal information submission on the visitor’s part.
  6. Monetizing your audience. ReachMobi’s web push notification solution adds the ability to earn revenue with the messages you send to your audience. No one else in the industry currently offers this. Not only that, but ReachMobi provides premium advertisers that are targeted to your specific content vertical – meaning, advertising offers that are relevant to your audience. Their programmatic advertising uses specialized analytics and big data to deliver the right offer at the right time to the right audience.

The way to earn revenue with ReachMobi is straightforward. In addition to the web push notifications you send out to your audience, ReachMobi will include one relevant advertising offer per day. You’ll share in the revenue generated by advertising offers on a dynamic basis.

  1. Quality advertisers. ReachMobi’s advertising offers sends to your audience are of the highest caliber. They come from the elite Google and Yahoo top-tier, premium advertisers. These are the top products and brands. Offers are matched with a high degree of relevancy to help ensure they are the type of offers your audience is most likely to respond to. All offers are highly targeted to your specific audience verticals.
  2. Support. ReachMobi has a dedicated team to help ensure your monetization success. Their team will work with you to ensure your messages are optimized to achieve the best possible results. It only makes sense, given that they share the revenue with you. Therefore, your success is their success as well.

ReachMobi’s web push notifications work with Chrome, Firefox, Safari (desktop only), and Android.

In addition, ReachMobi offers a vast library of e-books and articles to help you understand web push notifications, as well as, more advanced information to help you with a complete web push notification marketing and monetization strategy.

Summary: ReachMobi’s Monetized Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are still a fairly new marketing channel, but is one that is growing rapidly. While ReachMobi is not the only web push notifications provider – they are the only provider in the industry currently focused on monetization. This is a unique revenue-generating opportunity for marketers and publishers alike.  

ReachMobi is not just talking the talk when it comes to monetizing web push notifications. They have literally walked the walk, by using their own solution to help them monetize and grow their own audience of 20 million plus uniques. Bottom line, when it comes to web push, nobody even comes close to ReachMobi.

If you’re looking to explore new opportunities for earning online, check out ReachMobi and their monetized web push notifications.

How to Get Started with Monetized Web Push Notifications

ReachMobi’s web push notification service is free to use and you can send unlimited messages. It’s open to all online publishers. A simple line of JavaScript and you are up and running. ReachMobi’s team will help you integrate if needed.

ReachMobi has a dedicated team who will work with you to ensure that your web push notifications are optimized for successful monetization.

Visit ReachMobi and get started with monetized web push notifications.

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