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8 Business Skills You Should Teach Your Kids Now [Infographic]

With back to school just around the corner (or already in full swing in many areas of the US), it brings up the question: “Are our kids being taught enough business or entrepreneurial skills?”

In my personal opinion, no.  Back in the olden days when I graduated from high school we were offered a handful of electives that offered skills such as how to make a cake, boil water, hammer in a nail, and if you were the nerdy type like myself – how to type.  I was never offered any marketing courses, shown how to balance a check book, or effectively lead a team of 1-150 employees down the path of success.

Most of the skills that I use today to manage my business, I have learned on my own either through trial and error or by example (thank goodness I’ve had some really good mentors along the way).  I wish I could say that all the projects and classes I completed throughout my years in school had a direct impact on my current career path. The honest truth is my school days played a very small part in determining who I’ve become and what I’m doing today.

Since most educators, or education systems, don’t teach the needed skills needed to shape a young mind into an entrepreneurial role, it sadly falls upon the parents to take on that task as teacher.

But where do you start? And what skills are needed?

Vennage was kind enough to create a handy infographic just for you.


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