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3 Totally Awesome Sites for All Your Content Creation Needs

The question that I’m often asked mosted has to be: “Where do I start?” in regards to the steps that it takes to become an entrepreneur. So many people are still looking for their American Dream of working for themselves, but the majority of them haven’t a clue what the first step is. My answer is most always to “Start a Blog.”

Blogging is probably the most efficient marketing tool around. It offers a space to publish great pieces of content that will bring the readers closer. Of course, you can’t post non-sense or dribble and expect to be rewarded with the same outcome. These posts must be useful, informative, engaging, along with being quick and easy to consume.

The parameters are steep, and often hard to obtain without proper training and/or experience.

There is also the matter of time. If you are already working a 9-5 (and then some) job, juggling relationships and kids, plus attempting to do all the other stuff in your life that interests you; don’t fret.  

The solution: Outsourcing.

Where to outsource content creation?


Where you decide to the route of an agency or the more personal route of a freelancer, the task can sometimes be a bit daunting to land just the right fit for your voice. Use the guide below to narrow down your search. Remember, not to be afraid to test several freelancers/agencies.

  1. Scripted (Agency – Text):  Scripted is one of the few agencies to actually receive a significant venture capital funding. The company boasts that each and every writer available on their platform has gone through a rigorous vetting process and promises that they will be closely reviewing outgoing content to ensure only the highest quality writers are apart of their writing talent pool.

Just as many other similar services, you are given the option of a “Standard Writer” or a more expensive choice of a “Specialist Writer.” Remember, to balance quality with quantity. Your blog will naturally have a higher standing when it offers relevant, high quality content opposed to many lackluster articles that no one wants to consume.

Learn more about Scripted at: https://www.scripted.com

  1.  Upwork (Freelance Database – Both Text and Visual):  On Upwork’s database you will find a wide range of talent, from programmers to writers, and pretty much every creative skilled person in between.

Just like Scripted, they state they have a meticulous screening process for the talent they allow to use their service. They also a standard classified type service, where you the contractor are able to post an “ad” for the project you need help with.  Or they offer Upwork Pro, in which they work with you to hire from a group of handpicked pre-vetted talent that will meet your specific needs.

Learn more about Upwork at: https://www.upwork.com/

  1. The Content Company (Agency – Text): This content company was founded by ex-agency professionals who not only understand the importance of consistent quality content, but offer an outstanding value with pricing that starts at $60 per blog post for a 400 to 600 word post.

The Content Company specializes in services the digital marketing niche along with other professional marketers. Not only will they craft a fabulous blog post for you, but they will also help with other types of content such as eBooks, press releases, and newsletter copy writing.

Learn more about The Content Company at: http://getawesomecontent.com

Where do you go for your content outsourcing needs? We would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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  1. That leads us to a conclusion: a blog is the most efficient marketing tool you could think of. It gives you space to publish great pieces of content that bring you closer to your audience. These posts have to be useful, informative, engaging, and very easy to read. Those parameters seem simple, but the goal of creating efficient content is quite difficult to achieve. I think the outsourcing is effective way if you have not the enough money or time.

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