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5 Expert Email Marketing Automation Strategies

Email automation is more than simple automation. It is about getting closer to your audience and offering them something valuable, and something they can take advantage of.

With these 5 strategies for email marketing automation, you will not only get more sales, but you will also get a new business perspective where you can see what works well and what brings the most results.

Focus on these strategies and see why some ecommerce businesses stand out from the rest.

1. Meet your customers

All those page clicks that you see on Google Analytics tell you something about your visitors. If you manage to track their behavior, these visitors can quickly become your customers.

Their interests, habits, usual clicks on the certain pages, and their overall navigation can lead you to discovering their preferences. And the more you know about them, the more likely you will get closer to them.

Investigate what they like and what they click, and create a strategy to know more about them. Simple sign up forms can help you immensely. Include some details they should fill in in these forms, like birthday details, city they live in, gender and phone number.

This data will serve you well in the future where you convert these visitors into buyers.

2. Segment customers into categories

Once you know your audience better, it’s time to separate them into different categories. Those people who signed up for your newsletters without spending any money are not the same as the people who already bought something from you. Therefore, you should communicate with them differently.

Newsletters are just fine, but you should go one step further. Offer your customers something they will be interested in.

T-shirts in the summer will be perfect for Florida-based customers, but not equally effective in the winter in New York. If you make the previous step of knowing your audience better, you will know where to send certain offers in the specific periods of the year.

People just need to see something that corresponds to their interests, and you should be there to offer them exactly what they need.

This is perfectly done by emails with birthday wishes and offers that are most likely considered as relevant to them. Emails with cart recovery options and certain discount offers will also do the trick.

3. Do some A/B testing

Not all the emails are equally effective. If you want to know what works and what not, you should do some A/B testing. Send emails with different details to see how your subscribers react to them. If you want to improve your strategy, experiment with the following details:

  • See if $ signs or % signs work better for your subscribers
  • Include your subscriber’s name in subject line or remove it to see the results
  • Test how people react to emojis in your emails
  • Experiment with your personal name or a business name in certain email campaigns

When you get the relevant results, you will be able to see how your audience reacts to certain things.

4. Use automation workflow combinations

You should see a long-lasting perspective in your email automation strategy. Workflow combinations are series of emails that keep your customers engaged and informed about the news. These emails include:

• Welcome emails where you introduce your public with your goals, values and special offers
• Birthday emails where you celebrate your customers’ special day by offering them some discounts
• Cart recovery emails in which you remind the customers to continue shopping with a special discount, free shipping, etc

5. Follow the customer journey

The most important thing is to follow your customers journey. They don’t only focus on your website; they search for information on several different channels. Facebook, Instagram and review pages are all those places where your customers go to learn more about you.

Reach them in a relevant way and expand your strategy to SMS, Facebook, and other channels. The more effectively you interact with them, the more likely they are to buy from you. Cover all the places that your customers visit and make sure that you build a strong foundation for a long-term relationship with them.

Providing great experience is what your customers remember. By applying the right strategy, your customers will be willing to make more actions. If you want to grow your sales and expand the customer base, apply the right email marketing automation workflows and see how your business reaches another level of success.

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