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Welcome to the Future of Affiliate Marketing

At the end of 2019, Spicyoffers formally changed its name to lemonads and is taking a new approach to affiliate marketing. They want to become a leader in the space and look forward to showing you how.


With over 10 years of experience worldwide, lemonads has a strong reputation in audience monetization and affiliate marketing. Known for their expertise and proximity to their customers, the lemonads team is full of determination and are always working towards their main goal: to be the main source of their clients’ success!


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They also have a very unique identity. Greg Mugnier, Head of Marketing at lemonads said, “A dynamic and energetic image of the lemon was obvious for us. We wanted to imagine our future under this view. Today, we are proud to present a modern, fresh, and unique identity that embodies the personality of our team and the will of everyone to take on all challenges ahead.”


lemonads offers a zest of freshness and has always been the fruit of Spicyoffers’ success.


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