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Increase your revenue and drive more sales with BrokerCalls!

Increase your revenue and drive more sales with BrokerCalls!

BrokerCalls, a leads generation company specializing in Pay Per Call phone leads, operates a large affiliate network buying and selling leads in an array of verticals.  BrokerCalls acts as a broker of calls between publishers and advertisers and also generates their own calls through in-house marketing campaigns. The company launched in April 2019 with the mission to help businesses grow faster and more efficiently by offering them the option to buy high quality phone leads rather than having to generate them on their own.  Businesses that buy calls through BrokerCalls no longer have to spend valuable time and money generating leads the old-fashioned way, through marketing, networking and other efforts.


Under the direction of Stacey Makin, VP of Business Development, the company has seen tremendous success in a short time.   This month they announced their expansion nationwide as well as the addition of two new team members, to head up offices on the East and West Coasts.


Tyson Su, Director of Business Development, leads the West Coast division from the Los Angeles office.  His 15+ year background in digital marketing includes having built a $1.5 million Pay Per Call network from scratch while serving as Senior Business Development Manager at Aragon Advertising, Business Development Manager at Webgains, and having held the position of Director of Sales and Marketing at Sony Pictures Entertainment where he was responsible for millions in revenue worldwide.


Karl Modl, VP of Strategic Accounts, leads the East Coast division from the Northern Virginia office. Karl brings 12+ years of experience in strategic partnerships and digital marketing having delivered more than $10 million in merchant revenue and almost matching that in affiliate commissions as well as having established teams, partnerships, and digital marketing campaigns across three nationwide home security/IT companies generating 75,000+ residential accounts, thousands of positive customer reviews.


Benefits for Affiliates


For affiliates, the benefits of working with BrokerCalls are many.  BrokerCalls gives publishers access to an extensive and growing market of buyers as well as some of the industry’s largest payouts.  BrokerCalls also offer multiple streams of support to help optimize affiliates marketing efforts.


  • Large and expanding market of buyers

BrokerCalls’ success and recent expansion have extended the company’s footprint nationwide and positioned it for explosive growth. Publishers working with BrokerCalls have the opportunity to gain access to a large market of advertisers ready to purchase high quality leads in volume.


  • Vast amount of advertising verticals

With its database of products under numerous verticals, BrokerCalls provides affiliates the option to choose from a bevy of profitable products to promote and help expand their commissions. With a wide range of merchants to work with, affiliates don’t have to become complacent working with just one product. BrokerCalls, enables publishers to work with many different merchants in whatever niche fits their online marketing efforts best.


  • High payouts

BrokerCalls pays some of the highest payouts to affiliates for leads.  BrokerCalls current highest paying offers include:


  • Personal Injury $100 per call
  • IRS Tax Debt $100 per call
  • Mass Tort Legal $85 per call
  • Health Insurance $45 per call
  • Credit Card Debt $35 per call


  • Fast and efficient commission payments

In addition to lucrative payouts, the company’s efficient and streamlined system ensures publishers receive payment quickly.  BrokerCalls also has multiple payout models to help affiliates optimize their marketing efforts.  These include:


Cost Per Sale

When an affiliate marketer refers a lead to an advertiser’s website resulting in a purchase, this is known as a Cost-Per-Sale.


Pay Per Call

Receive payments for every call generated from your affiliate marketing campaign to an advertiser on a pay for performance basis


  • Content to help affiliates in their marketing efforts

The company also posts content here and on their blog https://brokercalls.com/blog/ designed to help affiliates learn and grow their marketing skills.  Check out their blog here next month outlining free Google tools to help digital marketers sharpen their PPC skills.


Managing an affiliate marketing program can require a lot of work and due diligence to ensure the content you’re promoting is the right content that is relevant to your audience. BrokerCalls’ platform will make your affiliate marketing efforts more successful by helping you monitor your campaigns performance and save time and energy. With their affiliate program offering various products, services, and payout structures, you can find the ideal program for your online marketing needs.

BrokerCalls, can help you track your business goals and increase your affiliate marketing revenue with their proven revenue-sharing strategies. If you’re interested in driving sales and generating more online revenue, then join BrokerCalls today and let their affiliate marketing techniques work for you.

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