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Mobrand: Introducing OfferTest V2

OfferTest V2 Dashboard

Do you know where your users end up when clicking on an ad you are running?

Really… Are you sure?

I am asking you this because the majority of the times your campaigns may be broken and will never convert.

They actually may be redirected to malware, adult content, or really to nowhere!!!

At Mobrand we value transparency and we understand that transparency enables better informed and more accurate decisions, that will directly impact your revenues and your company’s bottom line.

That’s why we have been developing OfferTest for almost 2 years!

OfferTest is the tool that will give you transparency on the advertising campaigns you are promoting.

With OfferTest you ensure the campaigns you are running on a specific target are really redirecting to the correct landing page and that you are not sending your users to the wrong content or to nowhere at all.

As I mentioned before, we launched our first iteration of the product almost 2 years ago, with free courtesy tests and API integration and with a very simple dashboard.

We have helped hundreds of companies and individual media buyers to avoid waste traffic on campaigns that would never convert.

We are always evolving and improving our products.

That’s why today, I introduce you to the second iteration of OfferTest, with new and better features.

Now, we have a dashboard that shows with greater detail your testing history, you can take a screenshot of the landing page of your test, share the test result with your partners, and more!

So, what’s new in OfferTest V2?

OfferTest V2 Dashboard


With the revamped dashboard, you have, at a glance, what has happened on your last 24h of activity.

You have access to your remaining credits and relevant stats, like the number of unique URLs you tested and the average redirects of the tests you made.

Custom Reports

On the new Custom Reports section, you can specify a date of reporting and find a specific test you may be looking for using the quick search feature.

You can search for:

  • Test ID;
  • Any domain that was tested;
  • Bundle IDs like com.facebook.katana;
  • Offer IDs;
  • You can also search for a test target, for example, France (country) or iOS (platform);
  • Or any combination of the above.


Test Row

Each row, under the Dashboard and Custom Reports, represents a test you have made and shows you a variety of relevant information, namely:

  • The target of the test (Device, Country, Connection, etc);
  • The source of the test (Manual, API, etc);
  • Number of Redirects;
  • The result of the test;

If the test goes through a relevant URL, like a tracker or Anti-Fraud tool, a tag will appear.

Last 24 hours results on OfferTest

Test Details

Every test that was made on your account will have a details page.

You can now see your previous test results and the configurations that were used.

Share Your Results

You can now share your test results with just one click! Send them to your partners so that they can fix the problem asap!

With our new features you will be sure that any offer in your system is running exactly as it should.

New Payment Methods

Paying just got more flexible and easier!

Besides Paypal, you can now purchase OfferTest via Credit Card or Wire Transfer.

OfferTest Pricing V2

That’s it!


These are the main improvements we would like to highlight in this post, besides that we have been improving the look and feel of our platform and developing other great SaaS tools that you will know about pretty soon.


I advise you to subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for more exciting news about Mobrand.


For more information about our SaaS tools please get in touch with Carlos Gomes via e-mail carlos.gomes@mobrand.com and he will be happy to hook you up with some special free tests just for you!


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