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The Only Affiliate Marketing Platform Worth Using

The Only Affiliate Marketing Platform Worth Using

Everflow is the next evolutionary stage Partner Marketing Platform. Empowering marketers to track every performance marketing channel and consolidate that data to analyze each placement driving both ROI and engagement. With Everflow, marketers can drive performance from every channel and partnership: affiliates, influencers, referral partners, in-app publishers, and media buying.

Everflow solves three major problems for traditional affiliate marketing:

Tracking for every channel – Each channel tracks best with specific solutions:

  • For affiliates, influencers, and media buys, Direct Linking tracks users when they reach the website, similar to UTM codes. Tracking users when they reach the website similar to UTM codes.

  • For content and publishing, Direct Linking combined with impression tracking allows for view-through attribution.

  • For influencers, associated coupon codes and auto-generated tracking code URLs provide easy attribution.

  • For in-app traffic, tracking is handled through Postbacks, utilizing server-side clicks to accomodate for the upcoming iOS 14 SKAdNetwork requirements.

  • For SaaS and subscriptions, email attribution associates email addresses with performance partners to pay them for every renewal.

Consolidated reporting breaks down marketing silos – A constant challenge with affiliate marketing is answering the question of which channel deserves credit. Break down the combined data from every channel to understand the performance and event engagement of each placement. Full comparative data makes it easier to analyze how each partner performs, and where they deliver value to the program as a whole.

Stopping Conversion Poaching – Clients have Click-to-Conversion Time reports, alerts, and automation. These tools make it easy to detect suspicious actions like purchasing within 30 seconds of visiting a website (more than likely, they grabbed a coupon right before purchasing), while making it easy to reward new high-value customers from coupon/loyalty websites.

They also help you grow faster without wasting your time on low quality affiliate relationships:

Curated Marketplace – They designed a marketplace for discovering and connecting with handpicked high-value publishers that can serve as a cornerstone for any affiliate program. Best of all, it allows for instant integration via an invisible API on their backend.

When you’re ready to upgrade your affiliate management program to a more advanced platform, it’s time to choose Everflow.

Not only does it make your life easier by solving those major problems mentioned above, but it’s also likely significantly more affordable than your current solution (it starts at $399/mo) and you’ll no longer be gouged for a % of your affiliate payouts.

Start growing your program faster by choosing Everflow, and request your 30-day FREE trial to make sure it’s the perfect fit – Sign up Here!

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