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Dolphin: the perfect tool for automation and management of your Facebook ads

Sometimes it’s really tough to complete all the tasks on Facebook and not to go crazy. Lucky for all the active Facebook ad users, for more than a year there is a special tool that can make the work easier, faster, and more profitable. It’s Dolphin.

What is Dolphin Facebook ads tool  

Dolphin — is an ads’ automation tool which helps to set up, manage and analyze your Facebook campaigns. With this tool, you have access to many additional features that are unavailable or inconvenient on Facebook.

Also, the Dolphin company has other products that can be helpful in case you work with social media:

  • Dolphin{anty} — anti-detect browser that changes fingerprints and helps to work with many accounts from one device;
  • Dolphin{tt} — ads automation tool for TikTok. For now, it’s available in the beta version, so it’s totally free;
  • Dolphin{parser} — tool that helps to import many accounts at a time to Dolphin{anty}.

The Dolphin company is headquartered in Cyprus, all the products all developed by a high-qualified multinational team.

Who uses the Dolphin ads tool

The Dolphin company creates tools for digital specialists from all over the World. It has a lot of users from Latin America, Europe, CIS, and China. Dolphin ads automation manager is mostly used by marketers, affiliates, media buyers and SMM managers.

It’s interesting that a year ago the tool was mostly used by solo professionals or small teams. By 2022, the tool has gained in popularity among professional teams and large companies that work with a big amount of advertising in social networks. 

Why are Facebook tools not enough?

If you’ve been working with Facebook for a while, you sure noticed that it’s not such a comfortable tool. Basically the main problems with Facebook 

  1. Insufficient functionality

For example, if you have many Business Managers on Facebook, you can’t see the overall statistics for all cabinets. Because of this, digital specialists have to calculate it manually. And this takes up valuable time, which could be spent on much more useful activities.

  1. Strict policy

Regular updates of rules and policies cause users to encounter problems and bans. Often the user has not violated the rules of the social network in any way, but time after time he has to write appeals and ask for access to his account to be restored.

Moreover, do not forget that Facebook in principle has a limit to the number of accounts one user can have.

  1. Complicated interface

Unfortunately, even for experienced users, it’s sometimes tough to find the needed function or tab. 

Is it safe to connect Facebook accounts to Dolphin?

Absolutely. Moreover, all data is stored on a separate server, which is created during the registration process. This means that the company has no access to your data: it cannot analyze, watch, or manage it.

Dolphin and Facebook exchange data by using HTTP requests. Dolphin uses them to ask Facebook for data on ad accounts. To permit this data exchange, you require an access token.

How Dolphin helps to work with Facebook

Dolphin is a tool that will help to significantly improve the quality of your Facebook experience. Moreover, if you are not alone, you can work with Dolphin with your team.

Ability to work with thousands of accounts 

In Dolphin, you can add as many accounts as you want, run ads in them without restrictions, and check the statistics.

There is no account limit on any subscription Dolphin plan.

Advanced options for viewing statistics

In Dolphin, you can easily view the performance of individual accounts, ad accounts and business managers or see the sum of the results. 

For example, to see statistics only for a particular account, click on the checkbox next to the account.

Then go to the tab you need: accounts, campaigns, adsets, Business Manager or ads.

Automatic filing of appeals

Account blocking is a personal hell for many digital professionals. 

The Dolphin developers took this into account, so in the Dolphin tool you can automatically appeal account blocking. With this function, your chances to return access to the accounts will increase without any effort on your part. 

Proxy compatibility

In Dolphin, you can save any types of proxy, so you can quickly add them to your accounts.  In a special proxy tab you can see, when was the proxy last checked, how many accounts are using it, it’s status, etc.

Filters to search for accounts

You can search for accounts by account status, tags, or proxies used. This is very helpful for users who work with hundreds of accounts or in large teams.

Quick repetition of actions

In Dolphin, you can repeat an action to multiple accounts at once. For example, you can submit an appeal, create a fanpage, change proxies, disable notifications, archive, etc. 

Multiple levels of access

In addition to direct convenience for the team and the ability to work with one account from different devices at the same time, you can set different levels of access to a particular account for each participant. There are four levels of access: Admin, Team Leader, Media Buyer, and Farmer. 

Automatic rules 

With this function you don’t have to waste time regularly checking your budget and number of impressions, Dolphin has an “Auto Rules” tab. 

Create the auto-rules you need to monitor the statistics automatically and stop advertising, for example, if the cost of a lead has become higher than the selected value.

Comments moderation

In Dolphin, you can automatically delete or hide comments that could potentially harm your reputation or audience. To do this, go to the “Comments” tab and enter the trigger words that Dolphin’s algorithms should respond to. 

All of the above are just some of the features that Dolphin has. In this case, to learn more about it and to test it, the company gives a 3-day free trial period. 

Even if you already have a Facebook tool, Dolphin is definitely worth at least a test.

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