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3 Top Marketing Affiliate Conferences for 2023

Over the course of the last few years affiliate marketing has become a goldmine for the online industry. Its swift growth in the field has not only given the opportunity to countless publishers, affiliates and advertisers to establish profitable relationships, but it has also helped expand online businesses to a worldwide level. On the other hand, affiliate marketing seems to always have something new to offer, and it’s not easy to stay up to date with the latest trends, tactics and tools. That’s where affiliate marketing conferences come to play.

Affiliate conferences are the places to be if you are looking to gain valuable knowledge on your field of business, reach other already established marketers, and even receive advice if you are just starting up. Read our article below to learn more about what some of the top affiliate marketing conferences of 2023 have to offer.

Island Conference (i-Con)

29 – 30 June 2023
Cyprus, Limassol

i-Con is a fairly recent addition to the affiliate conference world, opening its doors for the first time ever at the end of June 2023. It is amongst the most interesting events we’ve come across over the last few years purely by its concept of being “Your Future Affiliate Conference”.

Island Conference has been established by Nexxie Group, a group of entities which, as of 2021, is a certified “Great Place To Work”. Their team is filled with highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals in advertising, media buying, customer service, and payment solutions.

Attending Island Conference comes with its own set of perks, starting with speeches, 1-to-1 talks, and presentations from industry experts, affiliate marketers and network owners. Some of these will take place in an Amphitheatre, part of the convention’s venue, for an outdoor and peculiar learning experience. The talks have been carefully curated by the i-Con team to be sure that a variety of topics will be covered involving not only affiliate marketing, but also strategies for conversion optimization, and traffic generation sources.

Another thing that sets i-Con apart from other already existing marketing events is their competitive prices in booths, sponsorships and tickets. All i-Con attendees will be able to attend all scheduled events, speeches and networking gatherings with just their tickets, so we’d recommend taking full advantage of their non-overlapping program.

Affiliate Summit East

31 July – 1 August 2023
United States, New York

ASE is amongst the longest running affiliate marketing events having been established for over a decade now. Thanks to their background, the convention has evolved into one of the biggest marketing gatherings in the world.

They boast to attract over 6,000 attendees worldwide, amongst which you’ll not only be able to find affiliates and advertisers, but also industry leaders and marketing experts. The opportunity to attend their presentations or even have a talk with them in a more casual setting is the core which makes Affiliate Summit East so great.

If you are looking to acquire information on marketing topics such as SEO, affiliate program management, social media and content marketing among others, the conferences speeches and presentations have you covered. Pay a visit to their exhibit hall if you wish to meet up with sponsors and browse through the different booths in the space. You’re sure to find out more about recent trends in technology and marketing tools.

Getting to interact with other business professionals in a more informal setting can build strong relationships, and as such Affiliate Summit East makes sure to provide a space dedicated just for that. Their Meet Market is most popular with people just joining the industry and are looking to exchange ideas with other professionals in their fields.

Ad World

29 – 30 March 2023
Online Event

Another relatively new marketing convention to add to your calendars for the year is Ad World. The conference has been around since late 2020 and so far it has made a name for their wide range of advertising channels, more prominently in social media as well as program and native advertising.

Ad World’s aim has always been to help marketers increase their advertising potential while keeping them ahead of the curb on the latest tools and trends in digital marketing. Their participants will have the opportunity to improve their existing campaigns while listening to experts from all over the affiliate marketing world through their workshops, but also through networking events.

Ad World’s speaker lineup includes some of the largest names in the industry with their speech slots exceeding 100 this year. Of course that means that they also cover a wide range of topics outside the expected e-commerce strategies, conversion rate optimization and influencer marketing.

Finally, Ad World doesn’t limit access to any of their participants. You could be a C-Level executive or a social media influencer, the convention was made in such a way that everyone can benefit from their schedule. And let’s not forget that the entire event is taking place online, so you don’t have to be physically there to play a part in the exhibit or networking events.


So, are you looking for the best way to stay connected with your partners while also getting updated on the latest trends in the industry? Affiliate marketing conferences are the way to go! Whether you’d like to attend Island Conference, Affiliate Summit East or Ad World, you’re sure to obtain a wealth of knowledge not just from the available networking opportunities but also from the exposure you’ll receive throughout your attendance.

Most marketers today view attending affiliate events as an investment in their future business partnerships and professional relationships. The unique opportunities each and every affiliate conference has to offer make attending worthwhile no matter if you are a seasoned executive, or just starting up your own business. So, mark your calendars and book your tickets for a couple of days of interactive business seminars and networking.

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