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Super Profit with the Super Bowl: How to Achieve It?

Alfaleads has vast experience working with the USA audience. Their affiliates have tested a variety of offers for this GEO and have achieved impressive results with PPC and Facebook traffic. This includes payouts of up to $400 USD and they’re quite certain that soon this number will grow due to the upcoming biggest US sports event – the Super Bowl. They have some valuable insights to share with you to help you profit on the “US offers + Super Bowl” combo.

What is Super Bowl?

This is the final match of the main American football championship the National Football League (NFL). This year, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will meet on February 12 at 16:30 (local time) to define the winner.

If we compare the Super Bowl with European sports events, then the Champions League final is the closest significance. However, for Americans, this is not just a match, but rather a full-fledged cultural phenomenon. Not only the game itself, but the performance from the guest stars and incredibly expensive and over-the-top advertising during breaks (up to $6.5 million for 30 seconds on air!) draw the attention of the audience. For several days after the match, the Internet is swarming with discussions, pictures, and memes that later make into movies and series to stay there for years to come. For example, the famous “unflattering photo Beyonce wants removed from the Internet” was taken at the Super Bowl.

Is the Super Bowl really that popular?

Absolutely! The statistics show that 75% of the US households that have a TV set watch the game on day X. And don’t forget the number of online broadcasts. Last year, more than 70 thousand people came to watch the game at the stadium, and the TV audience of the match exceeded 100 million people.

And of course, fans make bets: the American Gaming Association predicts that this year will see 30 million Americans betting more than $7 billion on the Super Bowl outcome.

What the US advertisers think of the Super Bowl:

We have discussed the Super Bowl opportunities for marketers with one of our US partners:

How many bets do you expect to see on February 12?

Based on the forecasts, we’ll see huge numbers. In the states where we hold a license, the cumulative volume of bets will exceed $5 million.

What should one know about this event to successfully monetize the Super Bowl?

Affiliate marketers should keep track of the NFL playoffs to know the star players since the bets during the final game will be based on their performance. People will bet on the biggest number of passes, interceptions, pass yards, or the number of touchdowns, for example. Use this information in your campaigns!

What traffic sources are the most valuable for you?

We value such traffic sources as social, native, display, push, email, and SMS. 

Do you provide media buyers with event-specific promo materials?

Yes, we can make banners of any size, like this for example. It’s also a good idea to use images of American football stars in your creatives.

Monetize the Super Bowl to the max

We think that by now you have realized the untapped potential of the US sports betting market. This is what you need to do next:

Study the target GEO carefully
The US is not the same as most GEOs when it comes to driving traffic. The iGaming campaigns targeting this GEO must be 100% white-hat. This line is pretty important to follow, this is why you must know the local laws to the letter. If you need a guide or a case study on working with this GEO, reach out to Marina, our Head of PR. If we see your interest in the subject, we will share some interesting insights with our readers.

Find licensed betting products for the USA
This is an easy one since Alfaleads can already provide you with trusted betting offers that cove a slew of popular products. For example, BetMGM with a license in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and other states. This offer has a payout from 100 USD, many eligible traffic sources, and generous welcome bonuses for bettors. 

We also have CPL offers in our database (SportsCash, up to 5 USD per registration), as well as Casino products with payouts that start at 400 USD. To access the offers, contact your dedicated manager or our team leader, Zachary

Discuss the terms with your manager

Licensed betting products often have specific traffic requirements: no brand promotion, targeting a pre-defined pool of states, age restrictions, etc. Be sure to ask your manager about the prohibited promotional approaches.

Hope that our insights (find much more of them here!) will prove useful for you and help you monetize such promising GEO as the United States.

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