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Top 5 Emerging Markets in Social Media

Social Media´s Ever Growing Popularity

Social media use has become like second nature to us. A way to connect with our loved ones, stay in touch with our old friends, and share more of our experiences with others. It has also boosted the voices of the famous; many of whom have taken to Twitter and Instagram to give us a glimpse into their often highly coveted lives. For others, social media has been an echo of their once quieted voices.

People in otherwise controlled and censored regions, have been able to shout out to an otherwise ignorant world of the woes and troubles they have faced, sparking interest and support when needed.

Social Networking: Advertising Paradise

And then, there is the big wide door that has been opened to advertising through social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

Social media has become more and more popular over the last few years, with the development of user friendly and attractive sites and the ever growing demand and need for smartphones, making it a popular medium for businesses wanting to get “the word out” about products and services. But while world-wide usage is growing, the U.S social media demand can seem to be declining. While many Americans stay connected, posting, tweeting and blogging regularly has decreased.

So What Are The Top 5 Emerging Markets in Social Media?

India and Indonesia have both recently seen a major increase in Facebook usage, with many users actively posting videos, posts, pictures, etc. India´s ever growing demand for smart phones, whether or not they are equal to their western counterparts, has drawn more and more people to social networks galore. It goes without saying that social media advertising has a broad audience in these two markets.

China may not be a blatantly open consumer of social media, as it still officially bans Facebook use, but with such an immensely large population, one can be sure that the Chinese are not far behind in social networking.

Mexico and Brazil are both on their way to becoming potentially ripe for the reaping when it comes to social advertising and media. Tech-savvy youth with an attraction to smartphones is a factor in the increased interest and use of social networking in these two countries. An abundance of YouTube and Twitter feed comments in these two regions shows a rapid growth in the use of social networking.

In Conclusion

Social networking has become more than just a means to communicate with family and friends, show off pictures of your latest exotic trip to Timbuktu, organize your weekend events, or share excerpts of your first novel.

With so many people around the world glued to their phones or laptops for several hours a day, many businesses and companies are “smarting” up to join the race in offering consumers in emerging markets in social media, new ways of buying and obtaining products.

It may just be the success of tomorrow´s advertising, if not today’s. What are you waiting for?

Ricky Ahuja, a serial entrepreneur, is a 15 year veteran of the online marketing industry and currently serving as a consultant to many of the preeminent organizations in the industry. His previous affiliate network Affiliate Venture Group was voted a Top 10 CPA Affiliate Network of 2012 by Performance Marketing Insider and more recently a Top 20 Network by mThink. You can also follow him at his

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