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CPA Offer from AMarkets has become even more Profitable!

AMarkets is a renowned global broker, providing excellent service to traders and investors since 2007. With two highly lucrative affiliate programs, Revenue Share (RevShare) and Cost Per Action (CPA), you can earn up to 80% of the company’s earnings. To date, AMarkets has paid over $30,000,000 in affiliate rewards to 3,000 partners spanning 60 countries. Interested in learning more? Explore our comprehensive review!

Key Advantages of AMarkets

  • Two revenue models: CPA and RevShare;
  • Established presence: AMarkets has a solid track record, operating in the financial markets since 2007;
  • Loyalty program: A loyalty program designed for traders to enhance their experience;
  • Affiliate promotions: various contests and promotions for partners;
  • Daily payouts: partners can withdraw their affiliate rewards daily;
  • Partner rebate service: increase your income by boosting the profitability of the traders you refer;
  • Variety of withdrawal methods: 10+ withdrawal options for your convenience;
  • Fee compensation: Receive full compensation for payment processing fees when withdrawing amounts starting from $500, with up to four transactions per month.
  • Round-the-clock support: resolve your issues swiftly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Product Overview + Cooperation Models

AMarkets is a well-established online broker with a track record dating back to 2007. It has gained significant popularity in the CIS countries. The broker provides access to two robust trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 and a Copy trading service that benefits both traders and investors.

You can start trading with a minimum initial deposit of just $100.

For loyal customers, AMarkets offers a cashback program where a portion of the spread is returned daily. In November 2022, the broker permanently increased the cashback rates, enhancing the benefits for traders. Additionally, the broker offers various trading bonuses.

AMarkets equips traders with a comprehensive toolbox, including a trading plan, trade analyzer, VPN services, and more. Among these tools, “Expert Advisors” stand out, as they are AI-powered systems that analyze market parameters and create strategies for profitable trading.

Registration and revenue models

Joining the AMarkets affiliate program is available for both professionals and beginners. During registration, you can select your preferred revenue model: Agent or Webmaster.

  • Agent – up to 60% of the referred trader’s profit (RevShare payment model).
  • Webmaster  up to $10 for each confirmed registration and up to $500 for every account top-up (CPA/CPL payment model).

The registration process is swift and straightforward. Just provide basic information about yourself, and within a minute, you’ll become an official AMarkets partner. However, for withdrawal purposes, you’ll need to complete phone number and payment method verification. The broker offers multiple withdrawal options, including credit/debit cards, crypto wallets, e-payment systems, and bank transfers. Identity verification is required for withdrawals to bank cards.

Immediately after registration, you’ll gain access to a range of marketing tools, including banners, a sentiment indicator widget, and informative videos.

The guys recommend driving traffic from the following countries:

  • South Africa;
  • Nigeria;
  • Turkey;
  • UAE;
  • Russia;
  • Ukraine;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Kyrgyzstan;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Tajikistan;
  • Malaysia;
  • Indonesia;
  • India.

See GEO restrictions here.

AMarkets does not permit traffic from the following sources:

  1. Brand advertising.
  2. Clickunder/popunder.
  3. Doorway.
  4. Email/SMS campaigns on behalf of the company.
  5. Please note that adult traffic and motivated traffic are also not accepted.

One of the key advantages of AMarkets’ affiliate program is the absence of risks:

You have nothing to lose if you decide that the broker’s affiliate program is not suitable for you.


Withdrawals are available through the following payment methods:

  • Wire transfer;
  • Visa / MasterCard / MIR / UzCard cards;
  • USDT trc-20 and erc-20;
  • ETH;
  • LTC;
  • BTC
  • Advcash;
  • Perfect money;
  • QIWI;
  • P2P payment methods.

All payments are made upon request, allowing you to withdraw your affiliate rewards daily.

It’s important to note that each payment method comes with its specific minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. For instance, with USDT TRC-20, the minimum withdrawal amount is $20, while the maximum limit is $20,000.

Each payment method is associated with its own transaction fees. Importantly, the affiliate program itself does not impose any commissions. AMarkets goes the extra mile by fully covering the commission fees charged by payment systems when withdrawing affiliate rewards starting from $500 up to four times a month. This applies to electronic payment systems and cryptocurrency withdrawals.

Become partners of a reliable international Broker with an impeccable reputation and start earning money soon.

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