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Case Study: Generating Over $17,000 in 3 Months Through a Telegram Channel

In this case study, we’ll break down the success story of a successful partner who generates income through social media within the “Agent” affiliate program offered by AMarkets, a global online broker.

Partner’s approach

This partner actively uses social networks to engage potential clients. With a Telegram channel boasting 4500 subscribers and a dedicated website offering trading education, these platforms serve as the primary tools for client interaction. By sharing trading signals and significant market events on a Telegram channel, the partner ensures valuable content reaches their subscribers.

Moreover, the partner integrated their trading strategy into the Copy Trading investment service. This move not only broadened the partner’s audience base but also enhanced credibility among potential clients.

Partner’s results

Within the first three months of 2023, the partner got 15 leads, with 10 of them turning into active AMarkets clients. This resulted in an impressive conversion rate of 66% (from registration to first-time deposit).

Benefiting from an increased remuneration rate (Platinum level), the partner earns between $3 to $15 per lot (depending on the account type) generated by the referred clients. Currently, the partner boasts 204 active clients, reaping substantial earnings. As of the writing, the partner’s total earnings from their trading activity stand at $100,454. This figure includes the $9,242 paid out in affiliate rebates to clients. It’s worth noting that these numbers exclude any contest-related expenses or additional incentive bonuses provided by AMarkets to effective affiliates.

Since the start of the year, the partner has received over $17,000 in earnings, consistently drawing in just a few new clients each month!

Furthermore, the partner generates revenue through their affiliate network under the “Agent” (Revenue Share) model:

This case study demonstrates how to create a consistent income stream effortlessly. With affiliate programs, you can generate passive income by leveraging modern digital marketing techniques and automating your business processes.

AMarkets equips its partners with all the essentials for financial success: competitive remuneration rates, complete reimbursement of payment system fees, marketing materials, and informative articles on client acquisition through social networks, especially Telegram.

Unlock your earning potential – join AMarkets’ affiliate network!

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