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Get a 10% Bonus – Premium PUSH Traffic!🚦

I bet you know how popular Push Notifications have been in 2024! 🔥

RichAds has decided to provide their new users with a 10% BONUS on the first deposit to make your campaigns even more profitable.

4 Key Reasons to Test PUSH Traffic with RichAds:

  1. 100% Visibility & No Banner Blindness
  2. Push Traffic is Real People
  3. High CTR
  4. Low Cost

One more important benefit is the low CPC in comparison to other advertising channels like Facebook or Google Ads. At RichAds Ad Network, CPC starts from $0.05!

👉 Find more tips and a step-by-step guide on launching and optimizing campaigns in their Blog Article: Creating Push Ad Campaigns.

💸 Launch Push & Pop campaigns at RichAds and get a 10% Bonus for the first deposit with promo code “OFFERVAULT”.

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