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A Novice’s Path to Landing Page Optimization

I’m positive you have heard the following before, if not a gazillion times: Optimize your landing pages. Write killer headlines. Test everything. Even though these mantras have been shoved down every internet marketers throat from Florida to Tim-Buk-Too, I’d wager to say that the majority of those reading this very post haven’t

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Get the Best Results from Your Creative Testing

How many times has your designer kicked out a ‘final’ creative asset based on best practices, gut feelings, “experience”, or if you’re lucky, historical data? Ever get the sense they nailed it on the first try? I haven’t and it can be so frustrating to ask for multiple versions or

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How I Make an Extra $75K/year Off One Little Campaign and Why Split Testing Is a Complete Waste of Your Time If……

Are you currently utilizing split tests in your marketing efforts? Your answer better be yes, and if not, you should probably stop reading this article immediately and start implementing split tests right now. If you ARE currently split testing, are you using a statistical significance calculator to interpret your results before taking

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