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1 Simple Tool To Build A Bigger List

If you could improve your opt-in conversions, grow your audience, and enhance your metrics with one simple tool, would you do it? I’m always interested in these things.  So it only made sense for me to try out tools that help me do this easier and faster. And that’s exactly what the Unbounce platform has to offer. I had the opportunity to give it a shot. Here are my thoughts.

Unbounce Basics

Unbounce is a do-it-yourself landing page platform. It’s powerful, it’s easy to use, and it’s designed with an emphasis on conversion optimization and list building.

  • It lets you build a page quickly. Templates are available but you can also make a page from scratch. This flexibility is a great feature because you can set a page up in minutes if you want to or you can spend more time setting something more in-depth up.
  • Metrics and analytics. This platform is built to provide you with powerful information. We’re all used to testing and tracking, but this system is dead simple to implement.  On top of that you get your stats in real time.
  • Testing tools for optimization. The platform has built in A|B testing, variant analysis, and conversion rate optimization tools. You don’t have to worry about setting them up on individual pages.  No cpanel nonsense.  No php scripts to configure.  It’s all there for every page you make – all the time.

Benefits Of The Platform

Unbounce brings a lot to the table.

  • The ease of setting up landing pages means that you’ll have no problem making as many as needed to hyper-target your audience. This kind of targeting leads to improved conversions.
  • In addition, it removes the need to worry about IT involvement. You have a state of the art WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that lets you do all the edits yourself.
  • You don’t need any knowledge of websites or coding in order to build out these pages. You’ll be doing it all visually, easy enough for anyone regardless of your technical background (or lack thereof).
  • With the easy testing and hyper-targeted landing pages, your CPA will naturally start to fall, meaning you get more revenue at the same spend.
  • The platform has integrated real-time data. It tracks and reports moment by moment so you’re able to adjust your strategy as dynamically as you like.
  • The Unbounce platform is inherently friendly to 3rd party software. It has its own powerful suite of tools but it’s actively integrating others for easy use. Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Flowtown are already integrated.
  • The easy design tools in Unbounce make it possible to expedite your process even if you’ve got a large and fast in-house development team.
  • You reduce the burden on your IT, letting them shift their focus off of the simple edits (“can you fix this little typo? Let’s change that one word…”) and onto what really matters for your mission-critical items.
  • No technical knowledge is required to start using Unbounce. It doesn’t have to be installed on a server. All it takes is signing up.
  • All of these features work together to help you market smarter and get things set up faster than you have ever before. Unbounce empowers you to build feature-rich landing pages, track their performance, and constantly learn and improve.

Unbounce Case Study

The Goal

Increase the site’s revenue by driving more traffic from the email list.  The list of 150K double opt-ins in the health market was under utilized.  We felt this plan gave us a chance to build a better relationship with people on our list and increase revenue.

We wanted to create segmented email lists that knew they were going to receive daily messages.  Our list of 150K double opt-ins were accustomed to getting 1 message per week on average.These messages would be super targeted teaser snippets of the day’s blog post, driving them back to the blog.  We designed it this way so we could monetize on-site using affiliate programs and Adsense.

The Process

Step #1 We used Unbounce to create 2 separate landing pages for each segment.  1 for healthy living and 1 for healthy eating.  Unbounce’s templates made this super easy to do.  I customized a template with my own images and copy.

Step #2 Created A/B split tests for each landing page

Step #3 Sent three emails to the main list promoting the new list segments for healthy living and healthy eating.

The Results

Strong conversions. Here’s how Unbounce reported the data.

Healthy Eating Landing Page Results

unbounce landing page statsclick to enlarge


Healthy Living Landing Page Results

unbounce split testing case study
click to enlarge

This was a simple test, designed to compare headlines.  I could have tested wildly different style landing pages, or colors, or copy, or images, or whatever I wanted.  The point is that setting this while thing up took me maybe 45 mins total.  That’s including the time it took me to create my account, learn the interface, find templates, write copy, insert pictures, create the split tests, and publish for use.

The verdict? I think this is a powerful and very beneficial tool for anyone who uses landing pages, not just affiliate marketers.  If the technicalities of split testing or creating landing pages has ever held you back before – this is the tool for you.

What do you think? Have you used the platform? Tell me in the comments.

2 thoughts on “1 Simple Tool To Build A Bigger List

  1. I usually steer away from split testing since I really don’t have everything defined to the point as split testing can require. However, it has been said if you don’t split test, it is like driving a car without headlights. So thanks for the heads up on the tool to help with split testing.

  2. @Linda, if you have any page at all it is always a good idea to split test especially after getting at least 1000 actions though some will tell you 200 actions. And by action I mean unique visitors. Then change one element ONLY such as the headline for another 1000 actions. Continue doing this til you get an ROI you’re satisfied with 😉

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