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Leads Directly from Adwords Ads? New Adwords Feature for LeadGen

Google has rolled out a new beta program within its “communication extensions” program.  This will allow adwords advertisers to collect email addresses directly from their adwords ads.

At first this sounds like an amazing opportunity for any leadgen advertiser; however, this could potentially spell trouble…particularly for affiliate leadgen advertisers.  Lets take a look at a beta program document release to learn more about the program:

Looks pretty great right?  Well, again, this could potentially spell the beginning of the end for some affiliate leadgen advertisers.  PPCBlog.com makes some really great points about the potential destruction this could do to leadgen advertisers by allowing google to get into the lead arbitrage business themselves.

Check out the full article over at PPCBlog.com because it’s fantastic, but basically, here is a potential way for Google to really become a lead arbitrager and boost their revenues…they could simply place one button at the top of the results and allow searchers to request quotes from all advertisers.  Game over for leadgen affiliates pretty much:

Seem unlikely that Google would take this approach?  In the PPCBlog article they point out a harsh reality as to how far Google has gone to monetize their search results.  Take a look at how much real estate they take up with ads now on this local search for dentists.  Ouch!

So, should you try out the beta program?  You will have to be the ultimate judge, just be aware that how Google starts the program might not be how Google finishes the program.

2 thoughts on “Leads Directly from Adwords Ads? New Adwords Feature for LeadGen

  1. I don’t think this is going to work because nowadays people simply want to know more about a product before requesting more information. I really doubt these leads from email would be high-quality ones.

  2. I agree why would I wanna share my data with anyone? Big G make sense ok, why would you pay to advertise sending traffic to landing pages and have someone or company controling it? don’t make sense!

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