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3 Reasons They’re Not Buying From You (and What You Can Do About It)

We’re all sales people. Believe that. Whether a consumer buys directly from your site or not – you’re selling. If you’re not, you’re not making any damn money. Period.

That’ll probably catch some flak from the “do what you love and the money will follow” crowd. But hey – that’s life.

There are only 3 reasons someone might not buy from you. It’s that simple. Ready for it?

Reason #1 – They’re Truly Not Interested

This is a simple matter of quality lead gen. Online this is easily overcome with all the targeting options we have on Facebook, PPC, and Real Time Bidding. If you’re not targeting – you’re wasting your time, obviously.

Get a handle on who your target market is. Understand the demographics. Are the people that are interested in the product you’re promoting men or women? Are they just getting started or are they experienced?

As long as you’ve got a handle on these things you shouldn’t have a problem advertising to these people.

SalesReason #2 – They Don’t Have The Money

Again this is corrected by doing quality lead gen and understanding demographics. Why advertise to a group of people that don’t have any money?

Side note – this kills me specifically in the “make money online” niche.

You can sell to these people and they’ll buy at the lower price points. But they’re often borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. That’s not an ideal customer. The lifetime value is low and you’ll have high refund rates. But I digress.

Reason #3 – They Don’t Trust You

This is the tough one. Especially when you’re an affiliate. Who want’s to buy something from a random site on the Internet? People buy when they feel a reasonable sense of trust that:

1 – The vendor is for real (meaning they won’t get ripped off)
2 – The product will help fix their problem

There are a couple “tools” an affiliate can use to overcome these things.

1 – Free Trials – Yes, there have been some issues with free trials in the direct response space in recent years. But you don’t have to promote “those” kinds of offers. Free trials work ESPECIALLY well with software products.

2 – Testimonials – Social proof is such a huge motivating factor. If it works for them, it’ll work for me mentality is a real thing.

3 – Product Videos – Do a video of you using the product! This goes a long way in building trust. They’ll see that you didn’t get ripped off and the product helped (or didn’t help) you with the problem. Yes this means you’ll actually have to buy the product you’re going to promote. Imagine that.


Keep these 3 things in mind when you promote products. If you address these on every promotion you’ll presell your product better every time. Better sales = bigger commission checks!

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